Homosexuality- This example is a little much.

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    First, I support gay marriage. I am a straight guy.
    I do not think it is wrong for two men or two women to marry each other. If anything, they will be one more stable household which could generate for the economy/ raise a child who otherwise would have never had parents.

    I don't care about homosexuality because it does not influence me, hurt me, change my life in any way. If other people out there are inclined to love the same gender as themselves, they should!

    This image however, is obnoxious.
    This is just a grab at attention. It is an attempt to make homosexuality a social trend like the show Glee, "The New Normal" and other medias.

    The idea that a seven year old understands his own sexuality in totality is laughable. When I was 7 I don't think I even started masturbating yet...I didn't know/understand what actual sex was until like 9-10 and I didn't even HAVE sex with another partner until I was 15. I never had emotional sex with a partner until my first girlfriend at 17, and that is a whole other realm of sexuality!

    How can a 7 year old make the judgement call to be "gay." He has years of sexual experimenting/experiences to go through yet before he can even BEGIN to make that call for sure.

    This is just so obnoxious that we are labeling children as young as 7 as "gay."

    Let the kid live his life without being some example, and stop telling him he has to have some kind of sexual orientation.

    God damn. It is not cut in stone people. Let the kids learn life for himself without shoving it down his throat....

    Let him have some drunk hook ups with girls at parties. Let him have equally drunk hook ups with any men he has crushes on too. You need to experience both sides to some degree (no matter how insignificant the event) before you can make the absolute call of what your sexuality is defined as.
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  2. Amen to everything you just said.
  3. Looks like my older brother, who's gay.

    He played with Barbies when he was younger haha, that photo looks like him too!
  4. I knew at 7 years old that I was attracted to other boys, not girls like my friends.

    People mature at different rates. People start noticing attractions at different rates. Just because you didn't start noticing attractions at 7 years old doesn't mean others don't.

    I can 100% guarantee if that photo said "my son openly admits to being straight" that you wouldn't even bat an eye at it. And that's an issue with you...not that kid.
  5. When I was 7 seeing naked women gave me a boner
  6. I agree with all of that. I doubt the kid even knows what sex is and probably thinks gay means you just like boys, and at that age girls probably still have cooties.
  7. I can guarantee you I would have come to the exact opposite conclusions, probably actually being less analytical of this gay example than of the straight one.

    That's how our (at least mine) culture is now. We're so open-minded about homosexuality nowadays where nobody really cares if you're gay. But I heard a good saying - "Open your mind too much and your brain will fall out".
    I don't have a problem with the child being gay, I think that's the paramount point to my post here.

    The problem I have is with the mother nailing his sexuality to him by portraying it to everyone. That part isn't right. What if he figures out later he's actually straight? You said people mature at different rates. What if he's not actually already there and is just a bit confused? I know we've all been there.
  8. There isn't a right age to know what sex you're attracted to. Like cookie said, he knew he was attracted to boys at that age already.

    My first crush was the kid who sat next to me when I was 5. You gonna tell me I was too young to know what my orientation was at that age too? Lol.
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    I don't know where in the world you live, but at least here in the US there are MANY places where it's still not ok to be gay. We're definitely not at the point, here, that "nobody cares if you're gay."

    If that kid grows up and decides that he wants to be with women, then that's what he'll do. His mother isn't nailing anything down. Her son has expressed his interest in other boys to her, and she's being a loving mother and telling him that that's absolutely fine and that she will do everything that she can to protect him in that regard.

    Is it perhaps a bit brazen and political? Yeah, maybe. But the backwards hicks and fucked up religious folk in this country need to realize that homosexuality is not a choice. Us homos have been yelling that for years, and nobody listens. Hiding behind it, to protect the sensibilities of heterosexuals who have an issue with something like this, is the absolute wrong way to go about it.
  10. So how many times did you get drunk and hook up with dudes before you decided that you were straight?
  11. Fast forward ten or so years...will that kid's parents be disappointed if he tells them he's straight?
  12. I knew I liked girls at the age of seven.

  13. I've always gotten a kick out of the straight dudes who ask me "well, did you ever fool around with a girl to make sure that you're actually gay?" I always just replied "did you ever fool around with another dude to make sure that you're actually straight?"

    What bearing does this sort of question have on the discussion at hand? To me, it seems as if you're implying that this little boy's homosexuality is nothing more than some sort of ploy by his parents for their benefit.
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    when i was 7 i didnt like girls because they had cooties.... now however...

    i think its great that his parents support him but i think its too early for him to really know.

  15. I more just thought it would be an interesting twist on the potentially painful/disappointing process some folks have when they tell their parents about their sexuality. Seemed funny to me the possible reversal of social norms about a parent being like: "Noooooooo, don't tell me you're straight!!!"
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    I am straight, but I have fooled around with other dudes. (mostly drunk encounters, but not all.) I am confident enough in my sexuality to admit it. I don't give a shit. Some guys have homosexual experiences when they are young (even if it is as benign as seeing their friends in the gym shower) or witnessing two guys kissing in public. You don't have to fuck another man in the ass to know you are not gay.

    I know what I like is women. I could never imagine myself marrying a dude out of love, that to me just is not...natural. My nature is one of straight love. I need a woman in my life. Guys are fun to chill with and fuck shit up with, but I need to marry a woman because they compliment me perfectly and they draw me in to the point where I want to have sex with them.


    Yes, it is a ploy when you put it out on the internet. I am sorry. Why would the parents put this on the internet except to have other people comment about how wonderful it is. It's a call for attention.

    It's obnoxious. Keep your sons' sexuality between the people who matter. Don't post it up on the internet looking for "Likes" so you can pat yourself on the back.

    So fail.

    Edit: My first "girl friend" was in 1st grade. So I was 7 or 8. We held hands on the play ground and everyone else thought we were super risque for it. : )

    I also went on to have some experiences with guys when I was younger than 12.

    But I also went on to have some extremely attractive girl friends, and the best sex of my relatively young life. And this sex was with women.

    Human sexuality is not clear cut. We have the strangest and most versatile sex lives of any creature on the planet.

    It comes down to this for me:

    -having sex with a girl is amazing, vaginas feel bomb.

    -girls compliment my personality better and make me a better person.

    -having sex with a guy is complicated and feels unnatural to me. all the pieces do not come together in a natural way.

    -a penis and vagina seem designed for each other

    - an anus is for one way traffic and expelling waste byproducts from energy consumption. : \
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    Well you obviously cannot 100% guarantee anything that I would think.

    Also, if the photo said "my son openly admits to being straight at 7" I would ask myself why this straight (and seemingly homophobic parent) was putting this image of their child out on the internet to prove some obscure point about themselves or their child.

    [I ask the same question of this over zealous pro-homo parent putting a picture of their child out on the internet for concessions.]

    So nah.
  18. I always knew I was gay. I remember being in 5th grade and admitting it to myself.

    It always has been.. Always will be.. Oh well..
  19. I remember thinking girls were cute in third grade
  20. it screams attention whore to me(not the kid obviously), maybe at 7 he does know he's gay, maybe that will change when he hits puberty or goes to college, but I think its a bit irresponsible to put that out their labeling a child. I honestly dont care he's gay, it doesnt affect me in the slightest(although this goes for everybody so I dont know why we have to bother saying it).
    the whole argument against is just so asinine, especially in this age of information. dumbasses worried about how they're going to explain seeing 2 guys kissing like you cant just say 'cuz they love eachother' . unfortunately we have a problem with ignorance in the US still, hopefully it dies within the next 10 years but thats just hopeful wishing.

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