Homosexual Dealers

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  1. Has anybody here had or have a gay dealer? I'm talking so you can hear it in their voice, or if they act really flamboyant, or anything of that nature.

    Just thought of this when I was high.. haha. :smoke:
    I myself, have not had one.
  2. Nope, but I couldn't care less since they'll be giving me some dank.
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    fags take it up the ass too much to sell bud

    not cool, homophobic slurs are not welcome here

    obvious joke was obvious....
  4. I've yet to get a gay dealer, and I don't really know or care if I ever will.

  5. I'm not saying I'm against it; I'm friends with quite a few gay men/women. I was just curious, that's all.. and i've never really seen a thread about it.
  6. I'm bi leaning gay. But I'm not flamboyant. You have to be around me for awhile to maybe catch on. It'd be hilarious if my dealer was flamboyant though, "Heyyy look at my stack of hundredsss in this rubber bannndd"
  7. My neighbor is gay and he sells all kinds of drugs. What of it?

  8. This is exactly what I'm saying... I just think it would be entertaining to buy from a flamboyant-ish gay person.

    I'm not trying to offend anyone. Again, I have some gay friends, and I am not against it in any which way.
  9. Don't know, I usually just ask about the bud, not their sexuality, it's not really a prerequisite to me buying from them.
  10. Yes, i have has that happen. I really didn't worry about it becuase he was a really good friend,but he didn't tell me he was gay until the 2nd time i bought herb from him. HE thought i had a problem with it, but i didn't. It was weird at first, but it's all good.
  11. I thought it was normal to have a blowjobs-for-dimebags relationship with your dealer :confused:
  12. I really don't think it matters if I'm gettin bud
  13. "If you give me a handy, ill throw in a dime more for free"
  14. straight customer "yo ma man u got a dime of kush?"

    homo dealer "***** u gay, u no i only got that white lady"

    Straight customer ":confused: thanks?"

    the people around here.

  15. That's the most douchebaggest thing i've read today

    My dealer is supposed to be homosexual, he's actually really cool.. I think he's Bi-sexual, not sure..don't care really to be honest... he has the best bud close to me in my area, and he's not an asshat like everyone else here in the south. whats the big deal?
  16. I'd love to have a homosexual dealer. I think they might be more down-to-earth.

  17. Why does their sexual orientation affect anything? Why is it a factor in a business deal?

    ...why do you get high and think about things that make you seem ignorant?

    Never had one eh? Do you have any gay friends? Ever talked with a gay person?

    Why does this thread even exist?
  18. Why do you ask so many questions?

    Do you mind if I start calling you The Riddler?

    Do you think I care if you mind?
  19. homosexuals are known for doing copious amounts of drugs to ease the turmoil and loneliness they feel inside by being ostracized by society and religion

    but u already knew that

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