homies probation officer saw me leave his pad?

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  1. so earlier i was really baked and went to my dealer homies pad. i have my medical card, but i buy wax from this guy because his is bomb and more pure than the dispensaries. unfortanately, wax is a felony, and my dealer homie got arrested for it a few months back (along with some coke, pills, and a fire arm). he spent a week in jail, and is on some kind of probation where his probation officer can do in house visits at any time. anyways, i take some skillet hits and buy a gram of wax from the homie, but when im about to walk out his door his probation officer is walking up. my friend said something alone the lines of "fuck thats my probation officer". i looked so high, and i awkwardly looked at the probation officer and muttered "hi" and power walked by him and to my car. i heard him yell at me to stop, but i kept going and drove away because i knew he wasnt going to chase me. do you think he can burn me out? i dont know if my homie will get burned for the wax but if he did do you think they could trace it to me buying it?
  2. he just wanted some wax himself, he knew he couldn't buy it himself or he would lose his job so he was going to ask you to get some for him.

    chill out bromosexual
  3. Not your problem.

    If your friend is dumb enough to keep selling while on papers then the shit is all on him, not his customers.
  4. Looking high and visiting a "friend" is not a crime.
  5. i feel you its just because its a felony so cops around here are as strict with it as with crack/heroin
  6. unless your buddy were to tell the PO that he sold you some wax, and gave him your information, i would say that youre fine lol...i wouldnt be buying shit from someone whos on probation though, not a great idea imo.
  7. Probation for intent to distribute and possessing a firearm? Bullchit!
  8. idk man i would have talked the fuckers ear off so he'd stay the hell away from me.

    Now walking away when he is yelling "hey you there, stop..STOP!!" that may rouse some suspicion lol
  9. ur fine dude... if by some longshot they contact you about it just say u were hanging out with your buddy and then when u peaced u didnt hear anybody tell you to stop because you had your headphones in
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    [quote name='"cookiecrisp"']Not your problem.

    If your friend is dumb enough to keep selling while on papers then the shit is all on him, not his customers.[/quote]

    I bet his probation officer violated him cause he smelled the wax inside the house ..... And searcher his house .....

    I'm pretty sure ops friend is in juvenile hall tonight scared.....


  11. i doubt op is, but i bet his friend is. Plus it would be jail, since this is an adult website lol...not to mention he has '92' in his name which is likely his birth year
  12. it was his first offense, and i dont think he got an intent to distribute charge, just possession of the drugs and firearm. and i still havent heard from my homie which i sketch as fuck
  13. Why not just give him a text? I wouldn't worry about yourself at all. Your defiantly fine. Your friend on the other hand could have gotten into trouble if his house smelled and he had paraphernalia out. Buttt I would say that is way more his fault than yours. He shouldn't be selling in the position he is in.

    Is he on house arrest if is PO is randomly visiting him?
  14. You'll be good. Its not like they can prove that you were there to buy from him.
  15. Just thought of the perfect job. Become a probation officer and tell your stoners to smoke you up for not busting them, it would be such a cool thing to do and you'd be getting smoked up all the time for free.

    Bet there would be a harsh punishment if you were ever found out..

  16. super cocaine ;)
  17. he said the probation officer might of smelt it... so this mon is smoking crack hahaha no really whats wax
  18. Concentrated bud. Do a quick search for "ear wax" or "bho"
  19. im scared to text him because i feel like they could have confiscated his phone. and ya wax is concentrated weed, it gets you so high but its a felony

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