Homie Throws 400 Zob Off Waterfall At Golden Gate Park (Video)

Discussion in 'General' started by daflyincow, May 23, 2013.

  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alkK1jONLyc sub:)
  2. Zobello with UFO
  3. I was expecting a yolo or something
  4. Oh look, another hipster looking for attention.
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  5. huh. anticlimactic. some peoples parents and money...
  6. Lol he doesnt give a fuck probably smokes to look cool and it probably wasnt even his $$$$
  7. hopefully he committed seppuku with the broken pieces afterwards
  8. wtf was the point of that? to show how much money he can waste? some fucking people man. 
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    You don't throw a bong, kid. Ever
  10. That aint my homie.
    ~ Fucking emo's...sigh
    +infinity rep.
    But seriously, you know you can't raise your voice like that when the lion's here.
  12. What a weak video....
  13. I really, really wish I could be like that guy.  Fuck it, I should just kill myself now.  I'll never be that cool.
  14. It landed in a bush, go get that damn thing and throw it again you pussy!
  15. that was sick!
  16. I would have used bubble on his ass, and it would be smashing
  17. I threw a janky makeshift bong out the window once. Hurled that fucker, only time I have ever thrown a bong though 
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    Your buddy ain't 18, so I assume you are not as well. And I bet his tunnels are silicone or plastic...

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