Homie is out of jail for a whole 5 hours before gettin locked up again

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  1. So one of my boys got locked up bout 3 weeks ago at clermont county jail on a weak ass assault charge an gets out on a signature bond. He hits me up like 30 minutes after gettin out an i'm like dude come chill i'm gettin you high. He comes over after payin some random people gas money to bring him to my place and i let him smoke a lil of this dank I had since he'd been sober for 2 weeks. So I call one of my other boys to find some other goods we can get down to celebrate him bein out. Before we left my house to walk to meet my other dude i think "hmm should i leave the bud at the house? or take it with me? i'm like yea i'll leave it at home just in case." As were walkin i'm like dude lets take this road since it will get us there faster he's iffy on it sayin cops in our town know him and he doesnt wanna get harrased. We take that road regardless and wouldn't u know 100 feet down the road a pig swoops up an is all like "joel!(thats my homies name) how ya doin buddy?" my boy says "fine man, be doin a lot better if yall would quit harrassin me."( he got busted slangin rolls awhile back so police hate him.) Anyways they ask him if he had all his warrents taken care of and he said "yea dude, I just got out of jail today." They run his ss and say alright hands behind your back you have a felony warrent for your arrest for fraud and forgery. My dude has no idea what they are talkin about an i'm just sitten here thinkin how glad I am i left my zip back at my crib since they searched me as well. My boy ends up gettin booked at hamilton county police station this time and released like 7 hours later with a court date because the jails are so full your only gonna get locked up for a violent or heavy drug offense. My boy gets released and has no fuckin clue why he has 2 felonies bein charged for forgery and fraud, he said he hasnt cashed any fuckin checks cept the ones from his work.
  2. Probably just some bullshit...You know police
  3. Wow, just wow.

    I'm glad for you that your spidey senses were tingling. Coulda been an interesting ride to the pokey.
  4. Ohh shit. First off I assume you are black or hispanic and so is your friend? First thing that came to my mind was racist ass cops. I live in the hood and Im mixed so I know how it is. Walking down the street and some popo be givin you the eye. It's like "Niqqa I ain't even done nothing what the fuck you lookin at me like that for?" But anyways yeah, I doubt if you guys were white they would have even noticed you, and if you are white they must have been looking for him. If some cops said I had a warrant out of my arrest for some felonies I didn't do I woulda flipped on him right there. Not the best choice but if Im gettin blamed for something I didn't even do fuck that. I lie my way out of shit I actually did, my ass if Im getting blamed for some bullshit.

    It's funny how Cops barely even care about the lives of people? It's like what the fuck?
  5. ^lol funny thing is we're some honkeys. Police in my town don't get much action so they crumbsnatch anything they can get, weather it be bustin a kid for .2 grams of weed or a noise complaint they're on it. Shit when they busted my boy out in eastgate 2 years back(the same dude in this story) the papers acted like they busted fuckin scarface when all he had in his apartment was a jar of rolls and a big bong.
  6. Yeah, not many people of color named "Joel"

    ....or "Skip" too for that matter
  7. dude someone was throwing tomatoes at my homies window when he was sleeping. he runs outside waving a samurai sword, scares this guy off. 15 minutes later the cops r pounding on the door pointing AR15s and shotguns at my hoomeboy and his gurlfriend.

  8. yo.. i grew up in slo county. XD

  9. Are you complaining? He ran out with a fuckin' samurai sword. If I were the captain of police or whoever's in charge, I'd enter the house with the SWAT team too.. you could take out 2 cops before they even know what happened..
  10. Shit man, thats bunk.

    Fuck the police.
  11. was he ever on any charges of fraud and forgery? if so, that's double jeopardy my friend. police can't do that.

  12. im not complainging i was telling a story. i actually laughed my ass off and told him hes a dumbass when i found out... haha.

  13. Deff man, all I can think about is the good old "Well look what we've got here" he would have gotten if he would have had said zip on him
  14. Im glad the cops don't know me by name.
    But thats only because I move locations so often, so its always a new bitch ass cop bothering me :(

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