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  1. How does one go about solving for x in "sin(x/2)+cosx=1"?

    I guess this could be used as a general homework help thread for stoners so post a question, answer a question.
  2. it all depends on X lol. i tend to give up when math adds letters lol.
    but in high school i took a class with HW like this but sadly i forgot how to solve this one
  3. Fuck. I'm horrible with math. that's why i am switching majors lol. Google might help.
  4. ^^ lol ya google knows all. seriously

  5. It's simple really. You solve for sine, and multiply that by x divided by 2 plus cosine multiplied by x which equals 1.

  6. I think the answer is 2cosx-2=sinx if the two can be multiplied out....
  7. This website has always helped me with math. Their videos explain everything perfectly.
    Khan Academy

  8. Beat me to it... They're great!
  9. I think the dog is right.:cool:
  10. That dog is clearly using the force to hold that flask.
  11. See when I look at those numbers it just urges me to take a rip off my bong

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