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    anyone famous from your home town?

    just found out a chick from my hometown became a porn star...
    dont know if i could find a better role model...
  2. Theodore Geisel (Dr. Suess)
    Kurt Russell

    All from Springfield MA.
  3. I'm Los Angeles.
    So...Theres too Many To Name.
  4. [​IMG]
    Terry Gordy
    Ralphie May

    Samuel L. Jackson


    Reggie White
  5. Johnny Depp went to the same elementary school as i did..pretty neat
  6. i dunno anyone from my town except for chris cole the skateboarder
  7. um dont know his real name but lex luther from smallville
  8. Long Beach, soo... Sublime? My aunt was actually friends with the band, and Bradley wated to date her.
  9. Reggie White was the man. (Die hard Packer fan, sorry) :D

    There was a notable jazz accordion born in my town, but that's about it.
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    Troy Polamalu's cousin, Mikea Polamalu, lives in my town. He is amazing at football and basketball.

    Not much else..But I do live a mile away from a pretty famous school, The Hill School. A lot of rich people go there, including Donald Trump's son(Obviously that was a while ago though :p ). Also, 25 minutes away theres another prep school, Malvern. The co-creator or WoW went there.
  11. Ben E. King, (born 1938), singer/songwriter (Henderson)
    Charlie Rose, (born 1942), interviewer and journalist; host of a popular late-night talk show on PBS-TV (Henderson)

    Both from Henderson County, NC

    Plus the Carl Sandburg (poet) home is in Henderson County.
  12. Andrew Renyolds Skateboarder.
    Thats all i can think of really.

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