Homer's Aerogarden w/ Advanced Nutrients

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  1. Hello again everyone :wave:

    I had some modifications done to the backyard so growing out there is now out of the question. So, i've taken the Aerogarden into the garage to see what i could get out of it.

    So far i've had some Nutrient burning, which i've had to flush twice. I've just bought an Bluelab EC unit, as i suspect my nutes may have been through some temp changes and isn't what they should be.

    I'm still learning about the Hydro system as i've been an outdoor kinda guy up until recently.

    Hope all your grows go fourth and prosper ...:rolleyes:

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  2. This looks interesting. I'd seen those Aerogardens and always wondered how well one would work with some top-notch nutes like AN pumping through them.

    Definitely keep us updated on how this goes!
  3. I'm having nute issues, the Advanced Nutes were spiking the ppm meter so i suspected something wrong with them. They arn't good, some solids in the liquid so i've bought a brand new set of CANNA nutes.
    Can some ones advise me on the optimal ppm or ec for a grow of this nature.
    I'm new to the world of hydro and seem to keep burning them.
    Thanks for any helps guys & girls.
  4. Interesting journal.


    I also use AN (the full line with Sensi 2part) and have had lots of issues.
    Have yet to pinpoint the prob.
    Really frustrating and complicated.

    Thinking of switching to Canna vega and flores with Cogr and the drain to waste type of feed.

    Feel free to check my current grow under my signature..:smoking:
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    Another installment,

    Took these last night.
    I removed the two end plants as they wern't receiveing enough light penetration. GiGgIdY !:rolleyes:

    They are going into flower now as they are already 15 cms, and i only have a maximum of 35 cms.

    The switch from Advanced Nutrients to Canna has been whats saved this little crop, i'm going back this weekend to get some bloom enhancers.

    I topped them the day before as they were a little to tall, so we'll see what happens from that.
    Stay tuned for further updates.:wave:

    P.s finally got the nutes under control, thanks to some sound advice from a few of the older green thumbs. Thanks guys.:D

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  6. i bend them criss cross to help with heigth and more light penatration, youll then maxamize the yeild ive seen one of these with the plants lst'd and used with nutes yeild a one zip maybe a few grams less
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    Nice, happy to c that the switch of nutes from AN to Canna was successful.

    Gives me some hope.
    Good luck bro!

    Keep us posted.
  8. yeah when i switched, i did switch it to lettuce so it runs more and flushed for 24 hours, then made the switch.
  9. update. I'm in the 2nd week of flowering.

    I've noticed a drop off in growth but i do put that down to temp. It's winter here now and cold so they are growing a little slower.:eek:

    Bud hairs showing now and generally looking very healthy.:D

    I topped and have pruned most of the big fan leaves to let more light to the lower sections.:rolleyes:

    Here is also my Canna range i'm using and some other goodies.:cool:

    If u have any questions, shoot !:confused:

    If not, have a cone and look at the pics, i'll be doing the same.:smoking:


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  10. Lookin good man, gonna keep my eye on this one. What kind of aerogarden is that (what model)? I'm really interested in using one for a grow as they seem pretty compact and simple. Also, what lights are you running in there? Did you use different ones for veg/flowering? Or are they just the original lights that come with the aerogarden? Thanks man, keep up the good work on your grow.
  11. This is a seven pod aerogarden, not sure the model name or number, but i can find out if u want.

    It running the original lights that came with the unit. which are 2 compact cfl's

    Used the old seed pods from the herb garden that came with it, and just refilled with a chunk of rockwool cut from a cube.

    u just need a seperate cable so u can run the lights independant from the rest of the system for 18/6 and 12/12.

    Thanks for watching:wave:
  12. Cool, thanks a lot for the info man, I'm going to look into this a bit more, really seems like a good way to grow in a semi-compact area. And your results look great so that just interests me more.
  13. yeah if this one goes well i'll be putting another one under it. for double the yield or one for veg and one for flowering. Not sure yet.

    Look i doubt i'll see enough harvest off this to see me through 2 months. But it's a fun , great little hobby.
    Kinda like a bonsai garden of weed.
    And yes great if u have only a small space, as it's very compact, clean and easy to maintain.

    Just go for the Canna nutes, and not the Advanced Nutrients.
  14. I always wondered about the aerogarden awsome results thus far. I will deffinatly be following this grow. Just subscribed!!! Hope my homeade one pulls results like yours has so far. Cant wait to see more pics and hear more about the end results. Keep on growing!
  15. Can't bloom properly with these lights. they are stretching now, i'm going for a different lighting system with the original hydro system to the bottom.

    Got the Nutrients all sorted now which is great.

    I'm going to take off the lights supplied and going for a 2700k Compact Fluro for the rest of this flowering.
    Then i'll switch it to a 6500k for the next grow.

    This new system will also allow me alot more height as i'm not bound by the Aerogarden's height restrictions.
  16. do the lights detach from the aerogarden? in the pic it looks like it's connected to the base from the back. also subscribing and +rep, good luck!
  17. yes they do detach easily, i've got the hood and i've already come up with the new design, I'm just waiting on the 2700k+ bloom blub to finish off this experiment crop.
    I'm also receiving the 6500k+ bulb for the next grow.
  18. Got my new light set-up, i'll be intergrating into my set-up this weekend, inbetween brewing beer, smoking medicine and watching re-runs of family guy who has the time to do anything anymore.

    So i'll be using a 100W ,2700K fluro from Growlush.
    it'll be housed in a refector, on chains for movement.

    Not sure if i should keep the Aero's 2x 26W fluro's on the setup or store them, as the new bulb will be almost twice the wattage.

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  19. Good looking grow man!

    Those little AeroGardens really do the job..

    Sorry to hear about your nute problems, but I've found in hydro and with AN, you need to chill the mix or it just causes problems. Anyways glad you figured everything out!

    Also, keep the existing lights and add them in with your new one, it can only help!
  20. ^Agreed^

    Nice to see you addn some light..

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