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Homer simpson,

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by hightherebrooke, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Homer Simpson is a type of marijuana - i got from a friend who gets it from their dispensary.
    And i use this Leafly app to check the name.. it isnt there, and google aint helping out either! can you tell me what type of weed it is pretty please!
  2. Well it appears to me that somebody made up a name.
  3. that's EXACTLY what i thought!
    but why would they, would be my next question!

  4. well why do people buy apple stuff, or north face stuff...its all about the name someone puts on something to help sell
  5. because that stuff is popular, you hear about apple products everywhere..

    never heard of homer weed and it isnt online when i searched.
  6. the dispensary probably got mislabeled and they had some no name bud then they just picked a name that sounds cool
  7. it dank?
  8. how much you got/pics?
  9. seems legitimate! :)
  10. ill post it tomorrow!
  11. like it wasnt that strong, i made a blunt - and we just smoked like that, it got me a cool little high.

  12. image-1170395634.jpg

    this is just a couple of hours ago. i made a pretty good blunt for my first time!
  13. dont look to bad grats on the blunt they are def fun at times
  14. thanks, haha yeah!
    what is the funniest memory you have while being high?
  15. the funniest memory while high i dont know about funniest but the best memory i have was the second time i smoked out of my friends 2 ft bong at the time i had only smoke a vary small amount basically the 4th or 5th time i ever smoked and i went out and bought 2 8ths i ended up smoking both my self while he smoked his own weed (he was sick at the time and i didnt want to catch anything) by the time i was done it was 2 am and i can honestly say i have never been able to get even close to as high as i was that night for a good ten mins i couldnt figuare out how to stand alot more happened on my way home but thats kinda fuzzy and what i do remember would be hard to describe
  16. #16 scrambledegg81, Jan 8, 2013
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    I can tell you that the funnest time I've ever had while high was realizing how much MJ helped my sight and my blood sugar levels. This is the medical forum...please keep it medical.

    (Plus the fact that you got this MJ from a friend who goes to a dispensary shows that you're breaking the law. Thank you for playing a part in unintentionally degrading the medical MJ movement.)
  17. #17 BudButler, Jan 8, 2013
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    what ever dude
  18. Sorry if I offended you, Bud, but posts like hers are the reason why people don't respect the legalization movement or medical MJ. Anyone who takes advantage of a patient shouldn't have the right to advertise that fact.
  19. Yes because the medical marijuana system in California sets such an amazing example to begin with.
  20. Recreational is medical in my opinion. Fuck the mmj law that says I have to be diagnosed by a quack in order to tell me if it is good for my health or not. Weed been around longer than any law. How can one be mentally healthy without some good recreation of there own choosing. So the mmj law is as bad as any and more so with people who think like you behind it.
    By the way I have my card and never heard of homer Simpson weed. I just posted on a thread before this how names aren't very useful anymore. Hope that homer Simpson weed helped any stress that was caused by the asshole I quoted.

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