Homeowner shoots burgler trying to break in

Discussion in 'General' started by redhat11, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. I love it when this happens and the homeowner is free to go

  2. homeowner was well within his rights to protect his property he did nothing wrong
  3. Well atleast he didn't kill him. Guy must have known what he was doing, either that or the kid is lucky that the bullet didn't hit anywhere vital.
  4. Haha yeah i mean that is basically the second amendment summed up right there.
  5. What kind of retard wrote that article?

    "A teenager's been shot"...nice unnecessary contraction, douche
  6. Good! Shoot the mother fucker. :hello:

    I would to, some low life trys to break into my house is for sure going to get shot.
  7. second amendment in action, we should have the right to bear arms
  8. did he really need to shoot the kid?
    like im pretty sure if he said, "hey fucker im calling the police" the kid woulda ran away.
  9. The kid shouldn't have been trying to rob him. He got what he deserves.
  10. Kid should have weighed the consequences of breaking into a person's house to rob them in the middle of the night
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    "The homeowner is not being charged with any crime."

  12. g*d damn...just imagine getting your hip shattered by a bullet
  13. Pretty sure it's legal to shoot as long as you give fair warning and don't shoot with the intent to kill.
  14. Depends on the state. I know in Colorado the "make my day law" is still in effect.

    Couple years ago they tried to enact a "make my day better" law, which would allow you to use deadly force at work and in your car as well.
  15. hell yeah, try to break in and steal my shit, ur leavin bleedin :smoking::
  16. Hate to say it but like everyone else said, he deserved it. Anybody tries that shit at my house would get shot too, and probably shot again.
  17. He got what he deserved. Teenager is lucky he didn't get himself killed pulling that stunt.
  18. You break into my house, you're getting hurt.
  19. I think after fair warning would be acceptable, but to just open fire, at least give the kid a chance to say "fuck this, I'm outta here!" Plus, do you really want to walk into your living room and think, "hey, that's where I shot that kid who was trying to break in here"?
  20. Fuck yes. Honestly if it were me after I shot the little bastard I would of went and taunted him a bit. Maybe even do a little T-baggin like the do in halo.

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