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  1. Hey Everyone!
    Excited to be here and share my experiment/journey with you guys. This is my first official grow and its going to be a total DIY project as I'm going to throw as little money into it as possible. I'm a DIY kind of guy with a lot of material laying around the house, so why not!
    Strain- Bagseeds
          - Currently 4 from one bag (sprout in paper towel, moved to pods, 3 broke soil)
          - 1 seed from another bag (sprout in paper towel, into pod 2 days ago, broke soil today)
    Medium- peat moss? some kind of pods for now then going to solo cups with Roots Organic
    Schedule- Currently 24/7 
    Nutes- Suggestons            
    Light- 54W linear T8 + whatever i made/buy for veg and flower. (hoping for suggestions)
    Grow- Want to do LST probably around the base of a bucket then do some super cropping.
                    (maybe do sog, as i dont know male vs. female and i heard its faster, OR i really want to do a SCROG... LOOKS SICK and not to mention real fun!)
    Want to get my feet wet w/ free seeds before going for $MULA$ seeds
    Okay, what I want from this; to share my findings with you guys, track my progress, gain information/knowledge from everyone, get a ton of different peoples ideas to use and share throughout this thread, have fun and above all grow some awesome plants!
    Okay so here is what i got going on as far as my build.
    I'm growing in my basement which is completely empty, I'm using a corner of the room and have constructed two walls to complete a box. i have yet to put a roof on it as I'm not sure which kind or how to, but i will get into that later. I'm using drywall and 2x4s that i have from taking down an old storage shelf and left over from drywallling my garage. Ive put some reflective lining on the inside of the two walls (drywall). I have a 54W linear T8 fixture suspended above my plants via an electrical wire acting as a pulley system. i originally had the two walls just connected together and i would slide them across the ground to get into my plants. but.... I have a pretty great idea if i do say so myself and decides to throw old cabinet wheels on the 3 sides and v walla ! now it rolls. Ill attach Pics.
    Im going to attach one or two pics as i hear they go sidewasy sometimes then ill post the rest.
    Im looking forward to a lot of suggestions ! THANKS FOR READING GUYS/GALS!
    BEFORE WHEELS    20141118_191751.jpg
    AFTER WHEELS!! SMOOTH AS A BABIES BOTTOM! 20141119_213212.jpg
    Well i think i got it right!? haha
    Okay a couple questions i have and im open to ANY suggestions about my build!
    - What kind of roof would you put on? take into consideration the cable for the height adjuster
    - I'm thinking a drain pan with a hose on one corner running under the  wall into the floor drain. ideas?
    - What should i do to cover the bottom light leaks? i was thinking that black/white plastic film (I have a 10x10 sheet) in strips to prevent leaks.. ideas?
    - How long should i keep the plants in the dome? after transplanted?
    That's about it for now. Gotta hit the sheets! Thanks in advance guys!

  2. Update*  11/21/14
    Its been one week since first sprout and the plants are looking great. Actually the roots have started popping out of the little pods i have them in so Ive transplanted them into solo cups with my Roots Organic soil and a healthy ( I hope) watering, as they haven't ate in 2-3 days. Oh and the plants were about all 2-4 inches tall and when i translated them i barried them deep for stability and more of a root system. The plants are all getting nice size leaves on them and even the one i planted 4 days later (making it only 3 days since sprout) has already damn near caught up with the others, in height. I did not plant that on to a pod, just straight into the Roots organic. i think that ill skip the pods next time if i have good soil.
    I have taken the clone dome off and just using the bottom for water drainage. This will greatly affect my Humidity and Temps i think, as you can see from the pictures I have no top to my "grow box" so ill need to get that on there asap. Currently sitting at 45% humitity and 68 degrees though. So a drop from 91% and 68 to 45% and 68.
    I switched lights as well. I'm using a roughly 70W LED that i made. So i can get the light within 2" from the plant. I hope that's alright as i don't want more upward growth. I think ill move the light a little bit away form the plants for now and do a little more research.
    Well I'm off to take some pics for the fantastic freaking journal so, till next time.
  3. Update* 11/21/14 Pics*
  4. Lookin good! Your pup is curious and cute too!
    I'd use a piece of drywall for my lid and drill a hole (4inch 6inch 8 inch your choice) in the top that you can use for ventilation and to put your power chord(s) through. You could even hinge it for easy access/roll away abilities. Once you seal it in, you'll easily be able to control environment and light leaks, which is the basis of the health of your plant. Also if this was my grow ;) I would put my girls in a bigger container, even a 2 liter bottle from a solo cup is better. LOOKS AMAZING! keep up the mojo!
  6. Heres pics of discoloration..
  7. Great job,
    Transplanting so many times is going to really impact the growth. Especially if you are on a schedule..
    Setting the grow room up after they have sprouted us also kinda a Nono..
    We all know it's better to controll the atmosphere before we start planting right:)
    Ummm lights.. You are on the cheap side which I get, but light is life to your little kids.. Protect their future and at least get grow lights... Home made leds ( unless your a light specialist) is probably not a grand idea..
    Also very cute dog but... Clean is sooooo important... Don't let dogs, cats, birds or fish in your grow room!!
    As far as reflective material.. It's not needed.. White dry wall or white painted (no chemicals, yes plants will be breathing your paint fumes) works better then tinfoil:)
    It looks like they are fading just a bit... Either roots are bound, not good lights or not enough food (also root bound) is my first guess..
    With that lighting 3 gallon pots will get you by but 5 G is always a good idea.. Next time don't be afraid to go big right away .. In the past I actually seeded in 5g pots and it worked great..
    Am I rambling..? :) really great ideas and you went for it.. I love the grow room on wheels .!!
    Keep it up, make mistakes and love the process... Learn and keep going.. You really have the head for growing... Now just a fun long road of fine tuning.. Cheers

    I am so open minded you should only think like me..
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  8. I'm subbed man! Looks like your off to a good start. I would just work out your light situation. Looks like you got a few plants and they are going to need a good amount of light. Cfls are cheap and you can add as many as you want. You can find some cheaper LEDs on eBay and Amazon and an HID set up is pretty affordable on Amazon. I use a couple small LEDs and CFLs myself at the moment.

    My grow journal http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-grow-journals/1323166-another-noob-his-first-grow.html
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  9. Hey man thanks for stopping in and the advice!

    I haven't update in need about a week but I currently have gotten 2 MH HID fixtures and a clone from a buddy that I'm currently LSTing. The plants love the MH though. Eating it up ha.

    The final pots I'll use will be 6 gal buckets though. I currently have the LST plant in there . My smaller ones I'll go to a 3 gal first probably and then the 5gal or 6gal.

    I'm all about what I can get my hands on for free or cheap right now soo I'm just making everything work as best I can. As for reflective material, I'm in the process of framing a larger grow space with just mylar plastic as walls, floor and ceiling. So hopefully that will be up soon.

    Thanks for the advice though!
    Appreciate it!

  10. Oh and I worked electric lighting for 4 years ;)

    Still do electric work just got out of the lighting side
  11. Hey man thanks for the sub! I'll check your grow out here in a bit! I have to updated in a little bit but I have gotten 2 HID MH Lights and the plants are loving them. Also got a clone from a friend of some Jack Herer. Im starting to LST it.

    I'm going to look for some multi spectrum LEDs on some future grows for sure. I love experimenting!

    I'll post pics in the next day or two!

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    Here's a picture of the Jack Herer clone I got 2 weeks ago.

    Along with the light you see in the background, that's the same kind I have above the plants
    Here's them on Tuesday before I LSTed the JH -2nd pic

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    Start of my LST.
    I'll get an updated pic tonight but it's looking pretty good if I say so. All the branches are turning upward and getting stable! Good times. Lovin my new hobby!

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