Homemade Wooden Pipe Or Chillum?

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    I'm planning on making myself a little wooden pipe, more for something to do than for actually smoking, but I will try smoke out of it. What size is a reasonable bowl? I could use a socket, but what size?. And should I include a carb - do they actually have a practical purpose? And finally, what could I use as a screen or is there a way to not need one?
    Or would it be easier to make a chillum?

  2. A chillum would definitely be easier, since it's just one channel where the smoke travels through, no carb.
    The purpose of the carb itself is to clear the piece after you fill it with smoke, because fresh air will rush through the carb hole instead of just the bowl. If you're going to make yourself a sherlock-style wooden pipe you don't necessarily have to put a carb on it; a lot of the Gandalf-style pipes made of wood don't have one. If you want to use a socket for the bowl I'd say 3/4" is a good size.
  3. Okay, thanks. I've been looking and comparing the two, it seems a chillum is easier to make but a pipe is easier to smoke, so would it work if I kind of combined the two and made a chillum but from a curved piece of wood so it acts like a pipe? If that makes sense.
  4. Yeah, that would definitely work. Not all pipes have carbs anyway, most of the ones that people carve out of wood only have a bowl. It doesn't seem like you're gonna be using this thing as a novelty item anyway so it's not too big of a deal, it'll still work well.
  5. Okay thanks :) I'll let you know how it goes

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