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  1. First time making my own pipe, used a piece of scrap wood I found. Came out pretty well imo. What do you guys think?


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  2. That's cool I'd like to try it sometime
  3. looks cool :hello:
  4. I've always wanted to make one of these but never got around to it.  Maybe i'll make one some time soon... :smoke:
  5. Honestly looks very nice... you should post a picture of it with some bud in it
  6. Looks brilliant, looks like something a professional carpenter would make on his weekend spare time.
    Did you use treated wood to make it? Don't smoke out of treated wood, those chemicals are not very nice to humans.
    Looks really nice.
  7. First at all, this is my first post. Yay.
    Anyways, I've been thinking to make one of those myself. Haven't had the time yet tho. Post some pictures with bud in it like @[member="kdeasy13"] said. 
  8. I'll give you a word of warning. evergreen woods aren't good for pipes. As well as exotic Iron woods like, rose wood, ebony, cocobolo.. etc. They all have poisons in them that will really irritate your lungs.
    Second thing you need to do with the pipe you just made is season the bowl with a flame. This builds up a layer of insulating carbon that will prevent you smoking your pipe rather than what's in the pipe.
  9. very nice piece dude!
  10. just use a natural oil i forget which that is used for edibles/smokables in relation to wood. it will 'season' and protect both you and your pipe
    looks real nice man i want one
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  12. What type of wood is it?

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    Olive oil makes a nice finish, or edibles :)  I recomend finishing with a light coat of oil and then sealing it with some bees wax.
  14. im not sure olive oil is good to burn
  15. treating the inside of the bowl is optional, I choose not to for that reason.
  16. well using an oil like tung oil will give a beautiful finish, not harm the smoker, and protect the pipe in the bowl as well
    if i made one id probably put the oil and make another pipe thats plain
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    Just had a go at making a new pipe this morning. Turned out pretty well I think.
  18. that is fucking beautiful
    what tools did you use did you turn it
    what wood is that
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    It's quilted western maple that me and my dad logged and milled.
    I drilled the stem hole first with a long thin bit, then I drilled the bowl hole with a small bit for a pilot hole. I had to be careful when I was drilling the pilot to make sure it hit the long hole that would make up the stem.
    After that I opened up the bowl with a larger 1/2" bit and finished off the bottom with a counter sink bit for screws. This made sure that the bottom of the bowl would be tapered like a funnel. 
    Then I took note of where the long stem hole was located and roughly cut out the shape of the pipe on a band saw. 
    I then used a chisel to open up the bowl even more, still maintaining the taper  from the counter sink bit. 
    The rest of the shaping and finishing was done with a table belt sander, drum sander, and sand paper.
    I used a water based stain on the out side of the pipe and sealed it with bees wax.
    next time I make one I'll take progress pics and make a DIY
  20. bees wax. nice. that might not offer much protection from flame though i think tung oil might be better
    beautiful maple never ever seen it in that color. it is downright gorgeous
    nice job!
    when you were using bits for the opening how did you route it. or did you just vice it and attack it with a drill

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