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Homemade Waterbong Help!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sm0k3, Jul 24, 2003.

  1. OK, as you can guess im new to this forum as well as to smoke'n pot. Well, i was wondering, what is the best setup for making a waterbong out of a glass beer bottle? i have tried many times, but i can never get it right. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!
  2. oops, sorry about the spam, lol i shoulda tried that first, thanks!
  3. okay everybody copy and paste what kind of bongish said in any of these types of threads, justs replace homemade bong with whatever that thread is about... sounds like plan to me.
  4. ...::scrolls down, copys, saves::...
    yep, works great when ya use it
  5. thanks for the flame :D
  6. just friendly advice! Once you get used to the City you'll see that about 100 of these types of threads are made a day, and it really helps if people know about the search button.

  7. ANYWAY, seeing as noone answered his question, i will:D. first off, go to your local hardware store and ask if they have glass drills, if so good. find the drill thats the same diameter as your bowl stem and buy it. drill into the bottle at the angle you want for your bowl. *be extra carefull* and drill at a slow speed. you dont want glass flying in you face. after the holes there sand the rough edges and use silicon sealant around the stem and enjoy:)
  8. thanks! hmm... well i got the drill bit and i drilled the bottle and tried to find any sealant so i used hot glue, i have to go easy on it, or else it will melt again, but its good for me! :D
  9. as long as heat doesnt travel to it it'll be fine. i'd recomend using high temp. glue.

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