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homemade water bong, tips and pointers?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ZakTheRipper, May 11, 2011.

  1. I don't have the money (yet) to invest in a real, nice, bong, so this, coupled with my boredom, resulted in the creation of what I'm going to nickname the gecko. It's a 2 liter mountain dew bottle bong, with a hole in the lid for the mouth piece, a gutted pen for the stem, and a socket from a rachet set for the bowl, i sealed the stem's entry point with a combination of hot glue and silicone sealant. i tried to ensure the glue and sealant weren't in direct contact with the metal of the bowl, so they wont melt or distort, is it going to be safe to use? or should i start over from scratch? I'll try and post pics here in a second.
  2. and my photos dissapeared, greatttt
  3. Sounds unsafe bro, the pen is going to melt and turn brown and the socket will swivel off of it, the glue will melt immediately and kill you. I suggest getting $30 or so dollars and going to headshop or online and ordering a glass downstem/glass slider bowl that you can stick in any plastic homemade piece and safely smoke until you have more $.
  4. I agree with icremate, you can buy a downpipe (the bit you re-created with the pen & socket) very cheap, all diff sizes, you can stick it in all manner of things and create bongs with
  5. Instead of the glue/sealent id go with an ipod headphone metal screen. Thats what i use with my sockets. You just have to clean it out really good afterwards. And the pen wont turn brown and melt...
  6. I'm telling you, it is a horrible idea regardless how many people attest to it to smoke through a plastic pen and other homemade screens, the hot smoke melts it, vaporizes it, chemically releases some without any difference, but it'll eventually get brown, the socket will stay hot and the glue will melt.

    Purchase one of these with a pre-paid credit card if you don't have one, and use hot glue to fill the gap around your bottle, i'd use a gatorade bottle 20oz as they're sturdy and you can even flip it over , mouth to mouth and cut the bottom (now top) of top one and hit from their, and where it meets is an ice ctacher. Here:
  7. I've decided to just save up for a real glassbong with all the bells and whistles, and stick with joints until then, I did get bored today and carve up a little 2 or 3 hitter wood pipe. Any tips for drying/curing/preserving the wood?

  8. You have the best username ever.
  9. the best thing is to buy a strong bottle where the plastic isn't too thin, a powerade bottle is perfect, then get some garden hose and cut it to the length of ur stem. then just melt the plastic on the bottle for a bit so the hose just fits in really tight.
    this is a good example
  10. Bheaze
  11. Make a grav bong

    Buy a bowl for under 10 dollars
    Take 2L pop bottle
    Cut off lower part of bottle ( the part it stands on )
    adjust bottle opening to fit your bowl
  12. im sure you have 20 dollars. go to your local headshop and get a shitty acrylic for under 20. you'll never want to smoke out of home made shit ever again

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