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HomeMade Vape (no lightbulb, same concept)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Thorkgonsam, May 11, 2011.

  1. So, I thought of the same concept of the lightbulb vape, only 10x easier to make, and 100x safer to make. You need a glass bottle, thinner glass is preferable. and a candle, thats it. you hold the glass bottle over the lit candle, very close, but not touching the flame, for 60 seconds to heat up the container, you put in your weed and then let it sit above the flame for 30 seconds with your hand over the lid, after 30 seconds, or you can see a faint smokeyness inside, inhale.

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  2. sounds ok...probably very annoying...

    just buy a volcano...its so fuckin AWESOME :)

    id like to see a video of this working...its actually kind of a neat idea, but im not about to waste my precious pot on a fucked up homemade vape
  3. Yeah were just goona go pull $400 out of our asses to get this
    if its homemade then he probablly doesnt have enough money to buy a expensive machine

    Nice dude i use a jar water pipe it works also
  4. Just full of homemade stuff arent cha OP? Pretty neat.
  5. You should make a video, just for kicks.

    But it seems interesting, I like new things, but don't want to waste my good bud. Does this work good?
  6. yeah its like a lightbulb vape
    it gets me stoned from like .2 or less

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