Homemade Vac Purge Theory

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by Warp Nine, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. Hey guys,

    So I just had an idea for a little homemade vac purge and just wanted to get some outside input on the idea. Obviously, I don't want to waste my time building this if it's doomed from the start due to some aspect that I overlooked (implosions don't sound fun). Anyways, let's get on with it.

    The concept starts with employing the use of the much loved mason jar with some slight modifications. First off, I will be replacing the original inner lid with a circular piece of stainless that's about 1/8" thick. Next, I will make sure that the outer lid still screws on holding the new stainless steel plate. Now I will prepare the lid for affixing the pressure gauge and tube that will go to the air pump. Two holes will be drilled and rubber grommets installed to ensure a tight seal. Next, the pressure gauge is installed into one of the holes and the tube into the other. A valve will be inserted at the point of entry of the tube into the jar. Finally, we switch the air pump to reverse and pull some pressure.

    Thanks for reading this far, and for any insight you guys may add!
  2. So have you tried this or are you still building it, I have thought about experimenting with relatively the same idea?

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  3. Hey man!

    Thanks for the reply, I was actually intending on starting to build it tomorrow. I've been blasting all day and want to run my stuff through a vac as it looks as it has potential to be grade A product.
  4. Yeah I've got some blasted stuff from some family out in Cali but they don't vacum purge it and I was using heat to extract some butane out of it but it would be much nicer to have a vacum chamber I don't have to spend a couple hundred on I usually only purge a zip at a time

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  5. [​IMG]thats like 9 grams before its heated and pressed out into thin slabs but vacum would clean it up a lot it's really potent wax just wanna make it much cleaner

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  6. That's exactly what I'm going for thanks

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