Homemade triple perc with ashcatcher

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  1. what up grasscity i made this triple perc with ice catcher and ash catcher a little while back. its made out of gatorade bottles, electrical tape, and some straws it hits extremely smooth. let me know what you think

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  2. me and my friends allready did a kind of bong like this but without the ash catcher, and the cops came to interrogate us and saw the bong, the only thing they asked was how the perks worked , LoL
  3. Guide on how to make? Step by step

  4. 1.) Look at the picture
    2.) Think
    3.) Find the materials he used.
    4.) Construct it based on the picture
  5. Where the straws are ,are each bottle filled up?ashcatcher btw is it in the water like when you light it does the smoke just go into the water then throughout the rest?
  6. In the picture there's too much water in them cause it was the first time I filled it up. But the waters supposed to be like 1/8 of an inch above the tip of the straw. And yeah on the ashcatcher it gets filtered and then goes into the downstem of the main part
  7. Oh alright cool I might make one soon good job though
  8. Man I wish you were my friend during my homemade bongs phase....
  9. Thanks bro and yeah you should they rip really nice

  10. Hahahah if only
  11. Cool novelty. Not a good everyday smoke tool but I'd hit it. Love ingenuity in these, but hate the health risks. lol.

    I may design a nice glass bong one day. Gotta get myself a diamond cutter drill bit though. And a nice big bottle o booze :D
  12. Ash Catcher?
    Gotta catch 'em all.

    Nice work bro, I couldn't hold together my patience to work out something like that unless I'd be high or something.
  13. How do you fill this up?

  14. Fill up the top one, breathe into it a little so it goes down into the next perc, and repeat. Takes some practice but I can usually get it on the first try.

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