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  1. Who got some homemade stuff ? I recently made a sick bong and an incredible pipe so Im just wondering what do u have ?
  2. Pictures.
  3. I dont even have a camera. Eventually i will put them up
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    I see. Then I guess we will have to take your word that these pieces are "sick".
  5. Sorry bro, but the motto here at grasscity is "Pics or it didn't happen".

    also "tits or gtfo" but that doesn't apply here
  6. Tits or gtfo. Wait whaaaaT

    Fucjk I'm baked.
  7. Glass eye dropper used as a one hitter

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  8. ^ dose that eat or get clogged quick cause that shits fucking cool man i might have to make one thanks man
  9. A motherfuckin apple.
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    Hey buddy. There's no clogging. I'm treating it as a one hitter. If you take slow and steady drags you'll get no ash coming out either. It's a nice thing. If you have access to your schools chem labs,then you would be able to obtain glass pipets which they can careless about because of it's inexpensiveness and abundance.

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