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Homemade stash jars + hiding locations

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pqs, Jan 24, 2010.

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    Ok so this is obviously a problem, not cool when someone (especially a parent) finds you stash and confiscates it. I have developed a few ways to keep it really well hidden. Here are some pictures and locations that I hope inspire you

    Cut open a deodorant can, put your sealed baggy inside, close the lid and put it back on your shelf in your bathroom.

    In a wax/gel container (wrapped in a sealed baggy ofc)

    Tape a baggy to the top part of the inside of a drawer.

    I hide my matches in plain sight, they are camouflaged with my other books.

    From one of my old posts:

    The possibilities are endless, and the deeper you hide it the better. Dont think that hiding it in a bo in a cupboard is enough, someone looking for a stash will not hesitate to check in small containers meant to keep things. Be creative, look around your room and analyze every object, think to yourself "Can I hide it in there? Will it fit?".
  2. lol k. good ideas, but you're just going to get flamed by many forl iving w/ your parents (not agreeiung w/ em, since i'm in college as well)
  3. he never said he lived with his parent, he just said that when parents confiscate your weed it lame. (at least thats what i got from it :p)
    those are good places. but my moms down with smoking weed so i dont gotta hide anything.
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    Yep probably, don't give a shit, at least I know I'm going to do something with my life. I'm in year 13 (don't know what that is in the american system) but I go to Uni in october. And yeah, over the past years my parents have found my stash once or twice and have taken it but they didn't confront me. They know I smoke now and were ok with it at first, but then my mom started getting a bit worried thinking its comparable to crack :rolleyes: I'm still growing 3 plants though, and they know about it. I guess its different though because its legal here.
  5. nice dude i keep all my shit in my computer case

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