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"Homemade" Stainless Steel Screen?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CapiTurtle, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. So I went to Walmart earlier and bought some stainless steel mesh drain strainers since I have a bad habit of clogging drains with the mop on my head. It was a 3 pack, one for the shower, one for the bathroom sink, and one extra.
    I was wondering whether it'd be safe to cut it up and make a couple of pipe screens with it?

    If you wanna check if out yourself: Peerless Mesh Drain Strainer Assortment, 3pc -

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  2. It's stainless, it's fine. You'll probably ruin your scissors so it would be cheaper to buy some pipe screens than new scissors.
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  3. Probably not, I believe those are coated to protect the finish.
  4. Like with a clear coat? A torch would quickly tell if it had a plastic coating.
  5. Yeah, to protect it. I use those for drains and they always look good again after you wash them and they don't dull or change at all like stainless steel does.

    OP, take your lighter and burn one. If black smoke comes off they're coated and you can't use it. If nothing happens, party on.
  6. UPDATE!!!
    So I cut off a bit and held one end of it to a candle flame (my lighters running low :/) with some pliers and the end touching the flame turned red hot and after it cooled off, was just a darker gray/brown/black color. No smell or smoke during or after burning.

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  7. Spend a few bucks on glass screens, worth it.

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