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  1. I have recently found some spider mites on my og kush plant and dont have the money or time to go to the hydro shop and get a bomb. Is there a homemade spray i can use to kill them until i get a bomb on monday? My caregiver told me to use a quart of water with a tablespoon or teaspoon of sugar an a cup of hydrogen peroxide and spray that on them. any help is great and thank you fellow blades.
  2. if someone has used a mixture and it worked please post the ratio's up and whats in it . I have to kill them tonight after i take this huge ass zucchini to a contest at the fair after work.
    Thanks blades
  3. Here's one im using. I've only been using it for 3 days so im not entirely sure how effective it is. Ight lemme think....,
    For every 2 liters add a couple drops of soap, 1/4 a cup of baking soada, half cup of vinegar, couple tbsp of lemon juice, mix together in the 2 liters,

    Boil a cup or two of some water to get it nice and hot. And add 1/4 a tbsp of epsom salt and let it dissolve, then add that shit to the mixture.

    I wrote that recipe off hand let me make sure it is the correct measurements before trying it.
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    that sounds like a very good home remedy!

    mediumsteve - i would also pick up a bottle of neem oil while you are at your shop. neem can be pretty cheap, organic, and effective. it is very smelly, but more expensive brands (azamax) dont have a smell and can be stronger. i always mix a tiny drop of dish soap with my neem mix.

    a pyrethrum fogger will also help.

    the article KB Grower posted reccomends to use avid if all else fails - and thats exactly how it should be used. avid is a very strong pesticide, and a nerve poison. i wouldnt reccomend using it if you are flowering. i would reccomend using eye protection, long pants and sleeves, a respirator, and latex gloves while spraying. it is quite cheap (probablly 1ml for $5, 1ml makes 1 gal) and effective. but it is strong and inorganic. avid is currently only approved for use on ornamental plants.

    i have a friend who uses it right after his clones take root and get transplanted - he dunks the entire plant in an avid mix. after months pass and he has a finished product, he gets it medically screened for pesticides, fungus, and bacteria. he told me it passes all the tests, everytime. :bongin:
  5. thanks guys. will let you know how it goes. i tried the one quart water, one tablespoon sugar and one cup hydrogen peroxide last night. will give updates after work today and three days later. and sorry about the ranting messages . i just needed to vent.
  6. I just found out that my now flowering plant has mites. Was just wondering on how your mixture worked out for you and what works before I just chop the plant down

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