Homemade special N64 controller

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  1. I made this over the course of a couple of days just cause of the amount of glue that was involved to keep some of the pieces in place like the buttons. I gutted the controller and put a hole in the front of the handle and took the cord out for the carb.

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  2. Sick man very well done! Now i wanna make one haha. maybe i'll try an Xbox one cause i don't think i could do that to my n64 controllers i only have like 2 left and i love that thing.

  3. sick man i tried to make one of these before and i failed so good job man happy token from it
  4. Aha, straight up man, I like it. Makes for a nice novelty piece.
  5. Mine just fell apart when I tried lol, good thing it was the one I can't use anymore, the black one I have is an official one that works perfectly
  6. creative as fuck hahaha. id hit that thing any day. you should try turning the actual console into a bong :D
  7. cool i think i saw one online before nice work have you hit it yet?
    what is the bowl made of?
  8. thats one strange n64 controller, cool as shit tho
  9. the bowl is just the actual piece of the controller but im gonna put something on it so its not just plastic or rubber i tried to make the water part but the only screw driver i had broke in the process... balls
  10. im gonna make one of those. i have a semi clear green controller should look sick when it fills with smoke
  11. now there is something i havnt seen in a long time. nicely done bro.
  12. I wouldnt hit that thing frequently if I were you, smoking out of plastic is dangerous.
  13. oh yeah i know im gonna replace the bowl soon i just need a new screwdriver cause mine broke
  14. ha not bad man, i never would have thought to make a piece out of an n64 controller. nice job
  15. Haha I can picture one of my friends making something like that, it'd be fun as hell to smoke out of that. Imagine someone walks in the room and sees you smoking out of it, they'd be like WTF OMG :hello:.
  16. "hold on man...i can't pass it yet...gotta finish this level...lol"

  17. holy shit you need to make a guide, i want one so bad!!.
  18. alright first u need a screwdriver to take off the back and gut everything on the inside. glue the buttons in and let sit a hot glue gun makes it the fastest, then take out the joystick in the middle, cut the cord and take out the extra inside so it is left for a nice carb, screw it back together and glue it for a seal. if you have something for the bottom stick it in there so it seals or it wont work otherwise just jam it with some shit and glue and call it good happy tokin:smoking:
  19. looks sick but that has been done already. just sayin

    lol check this out (not me though)

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4BiKT80qW0]YouTube - Homemade N64 Controller Pipe[/ame]

    but not the water chamber that would look sick !
  20. A master of a piece most original... invention.. ever.

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