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Homemade Smoking Device

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Wallaceaustin13, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Ok so i have never smoked weed before but i really really want to and i can't buy any pipes, bongs, etc. i want a safe and efficient way to smoke, any ideas?
  2. search the forum. there is an entire homemade section/thread about this topic.
    pretty pointless to even post this.
  3. Don't smoke kid
  4. apple. just make sure you get all the seed's out
  5. find a sockey in "your" garage, then look up that shit on YT
  6. Look up gravity bong on YouTube. You don't want a homemade piece to be your everyday smoking device though.
  7. buy some rolling papers, blunt wraps. tissue paper works. its not that difficult to make a gravity bong.
  8. Make an apple pipe, or just look up some other long-term smoking devices. :smoke:
  9. im curious to see what you picked up, smoke wise. have fun!
  10. Don't use tissue paper. Buy an apple. Cheap and disposable. Your parents will never suspect a thing.
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  11. I'd go find a small deep well socket in the tool box and put my stress level on mellow... No need to go all mad scientist your first time

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  12. This is a 4 year old thread dude.

    Either way, I love your name and pic!

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  13. Lmao should have looked a the date... What ever i was wakin and bakin man an reading lol..
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  14. Please don't use tissue paper..

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