Homemade Smart Pots

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  1. Hey,
    I found this post on Gardenweb. Now I can't seem to get back to it to put a link. As I made a notepad copy of the interesting bit, I'll just post it here.
    I reckon it would save some money, if you planned to use quite a few of them. A lot of work if you're only going to need one or two. We'll have to watch Cantharis' grow to see whether they're all they are cracked up to be anyway.
    Anyway, here.
    The following should work for you. It is based on some
    'playing around' projects I have been working on with great
    1. Purchase a roll of landscape (weed barrier) cloth. It
    should be the type which has a sort of black, velvety
    appearance on one side. This runs through a sewing machine
    with ease. Sorry, I can't remember the name of this particular
    landscape cloth at the moment.
    2. Cut out a piece the needed height and length for pot side
    and sew the seam together.
    3. Now, cut a circle and fit plus sew it to the bottom to
    complete the 'bag'.
    4. At Walmart's notion counter you will find a waterproof
    glue designed to attach beading to garments. This works well.
    There are other types of glue but this one is my favorite.
    Glue all seams with this.
    5. Cut a circle of heavy plastic to fit inside bottom of bag.
    6. Dig hole for bag placement, insert bag, add soil and
    I can assure you that these will last for years. Once you
    begin working with the construction you should be able to
    figure out the method which goes together quickly. It is
    possible that you may want to fold over and sew the top of
    the bag for rigidity.
  2. I certainly couldn´t be bothered to go through all that effort to make one - the 65 gallon one I have was only about $20 anyway.
  3. Yes. Definitely not worth it. I just thought, you know, 15 of them would be 300 bucks.
    And my wife is the seamstress, not me.
    Do they have a plastic bottom like this guy says Cantharis? Is it perforated?
  4. As far as I can see, the bottom is the same as the sides.

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