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Homemade slow drip irrigation systems...

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by harryCHRONICjr, May 11, 2009.

  1. hey, first time grower, first time indoor grower also...

    i searched a few spots online checking out some homemade drip irrigation systems. can anyone recommend or post their homemade DIS? i'm in the vegetative state and find myself constantly checking my little ones for dry soil. most of the DIS's i've seen are for when the plant is a little bigger and can accompany a 1-2 liter plastic bottle in the soil next to the plant. i can't do something like that just yet due to the small container my sprouts rest in at the moment and how close to the light it is.

    any help is greatly appreciated.

    ps - you guys have helped me out tremendously since i became a member of the foums just a couple weeks ago. thanks so much!
  2. What about AquaGlobes? I'm going to look into them myself.
  3. yeah, i've seen them. i'm wondering if they are just another "as seen on TV" crap product.

    any Aqua Globe users here?
  4. aque globe wast of money do not buy again waste of money have a great dya
  5. yeah, i was reading about them Aqua Globes being shitty too. when making a homemade DIS, what size drill bit should i be using to make holes (in the pvc or tubing) to ensure proper drip and not a stream of water leaking out?
  6. I'd assume an 1/8 inch, you could also get some glue to make a sound proof seal. but it'd be prefered if you didnt' have to do that, cuz you want to replace tubes and clean pipes as often as possible, since this will be drip feeding to your babies, you wanna make sure it all goes well.
  7. ok, so at 1/8", what rate will the water drip? i'm in the vegetative stage, so i'll only have a max pot size of 3 gal.
  8. Sorry, probably 1/4", I'm currently researching it myself, check the link I linked earlier for drip irrigation systems, this will give you a general idea about the drip system, also you could buy a timer there as well, personally I'm going to go to home depot and re-create my own system.
  9. ok. definitely let me know how you make out with DIY. i plan on rigging something up too, as i'm sure there are many ways to go about making one.

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