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    I want to get your opinions on my lighting situation as of now. I have 3 1 week old plants in an adjustable box I made. As of now the box is 2x4x3 ft and can be raised to 6 foot tall for flowering. This is my first grow so I didnt want to go crazy with money. Although I definelty can sense this is gonna be a long term thing for me :D
    The set up I made takes 2 light fixtures and turns them towards each other, althought they are still at a 50 degree angle towards the plants. They are attached to a board, then that board has a chain connected to the gear pulley things i got from a store.

    I do not know the strains name but the mother was very dense if that helps to determine anything.

    Bottom Line: Do you think my 4 40 Watt T12 light Fixture is enough for 3 plants in this small space?

    Your opinions are much appreciated, please help

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    Also I was wondering would a 150W 2700K CFL bulb be sufficent for a single plant during flowering? I have a 2x2x5 box I plan on using for Flowering.

    Update* I reconfigured my box so now it is 4ftx4tfx6ft foil lined box. I also added 6 23Watt 1600 lumens CFL's, 5 13Watt, a bigger fan, and today am going to add another 4 bulb 160Watt 4ft tube fixture like the one on the right.

    So now the total wattage is 363, but after I but in last fixture it will be 523 total watts. Will that be enough for 6 plants during the veg cycle, or is that too much? I honestly have no idea if you can over light plants.

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  3. What do you guys think of my set up? too messy? any advice would be much appreciated.
  4. you wont get a huge yield like you would with hps, but scrog 'em and train them to get a bunch of colas, but really you wanna get some hps bulbs for later, aka when you flower, their totally worth every penny, the change is very noticeable

  5. You are drifting off course....stick with the original plan ...the T5's will do great, coming to the end of veg, or when the plants get big, (they do that )
    get another T5 rack, total 8 tubes will do you fine, one or the other T5 or CFL, having both will only confuse the plants and later ...YOU!, wait an see!!! lol

    It's all in the lumens


  6. Thanks for the advice. Would it really hurt the plants to have both? or should I seperate the two lights because I like the growth of both but I like the difference the 6500 made in my first plant so far.. The first picture if from one week ago, and the second is after a week of 20/4 off lighting. The little plant is my indoor soil and that one is 12 days old.

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  7. Hmm , Your setup could honestly be alot worse :p All in all though not too ghetto for a first timer . I don't know how easily you can aquire materials for all of this , ex.a hyrdo shop or anything like that . But if you want to make those lights go a bit further you should pick up some mylar , its very cheap and will make that light reflect alot better . Also try to get your area as light locked as possible ,grab some black gorilla tape n seal everything up . The more light you can keep in that area and directed twards the plants the better .
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    Thanks Philly :p
    My box is made out of Foil Lined Insulation Foam, and the foil can be removed to reveal the white foam material underneath....would that be good enough or is Mylar definetly going to work noticably better?

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