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"homemade" rolling papers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by newgrass, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. iv seen a couple of threads about people running out of things to smoke out of so i thought id share a quick substitute for rolling papers.

    5 GUM!!

    it works great. simply use your fingers to rub off the foil on the outside. it takes practice but after one or 2 you get the hang of it. i can do it in about 5 seconds. make sure all of the foil is off. then simply roll up your joint. lick it and it sticks to itself.

    the paper is just like rolling paper but without the gum strip but because it was holding gum once it gets wet it gets sticky.

    much heathier then what iv seen some people smoke from like computer paper. that stuff has so much bleach in it its nasty!

    its great for when you run outta papers =)

    sorry if this didnt make much sense im kinda lifted atm.
  2. My family is christian, and I don't have nothing against Christians, but when I was younger, if I didn't have a dutch or a philly, I would go to my mom's bible and rip the spare page that is at the end of the bible with no words in it. Sticks just like glue and barely any harm, paper is transparent just like rolling paper.
  3. ya but most people dont have bibles, but if they like me, chew gum every day. its great. i chew the gum and put the rapper in my pocket for later use. i have like 100 of them in my desk, god forbid my homemade gravity bong breaks =)
  4. I use reciepts. Not healtyh at all i'm sure but i roll them better than i do with zig zags. I use reciepts all the time.
  5. lmao dude...

  6. Bah best thing ever is by far Scot's toilette paper wrapper What i use to use when i was in county to smoke my weed have used since i got out if im out of papers.
  7. get some zigzags for 1.50....
  8. ok if u use gum wrapper take all the foil off the ones that u might use later its impossible to get tha foil off wen ure blazed as i just tried this hahaha:smoke:
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  9. Ive used a bandaid wrapper one of the large size ones. Smoke is really harsh but it works. I use the sticky part off an envelope to stick it shut.
  10. 99c for 25 jobs.. you kids are just screamin under 18
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  11. shit made me laugh. haha man, you're creative
  12. Inside lining of corn husks. Let it dry out and boom!
    And I've used the paper in altoid cases LOL
  13. i kno a gum wrapper haha either your just real lazy real cheap or real under age
  14. that helpful advice doesnt 'scream underage'
  15. Lmao no bullshit, I was saying I used to roll bible paper up LOL. They're dying to get caught.
  16. when i was younger and when i cant find rolling papers ( give me a break, its china), i cut off the top of an envolope.
  17. this thread just SCREAMS little kids

    have to say, i've done the bible paper thing before. that was just cos we wanted to smoke a bible page,not because we couldnt get a hold of papers
  18. if you're not old enough to buy rolling paper, don't smoke?

    but if you're really desperate tissue paper works. just anything that's thin and.. y'know not soft.

    to OP: five gum wrapper? really? does it give the bud the yummy flavor of gum?
  19. Ugh my friend tried to roll in with a paper napkin we got at the food court.
    wtf man.
    She was all like IT WILL WORK.

    yeaaa, i left her at the mall and went home.

  20. considering that the majority of receipts have heat activated ink in them, id say thats pretty stupid...

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