Homemade Rolling Papers from Lavender

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  1. I want to learn how to make my own papers at home from stuff you can't normally buy. Cost/additives aren't the driving force because Raw, Elements, and OCB exist for $2.50 5 minutes from my house. That said, I have a shit ton of lavender in my yard, and I want to see if it's possible to make an honest to god rolling paper out of it. I've Googled fairly extensively, but there isn't much info about actual specifics of making your own from scratch. I'm not trying to mass produce or sell shit, I just like to DiY random stuff for the hell of it. There's info on making paper, but it's all that cellulose craft paper, and videos from the Raw channel lead me to believe that's not what I'm looking for.
    At this point, I'm at kind of a dead end when it comes to new places to research, and I'm sick so I can't hit the library or anything. I guess I'm kinda wondering where I should be looking for this information. Anyone with any information, help, or assistance would be my friend forever.
    Thanks, guys. Blaze one up for your sick boy.
  2. a Lavender Pipe on the other hand is something that you may treasure even 'last' ..lol

  3. ehhh
    it would be pretty cool to make and smoke your own papers.
    though there are a lot of companies putting out quality papers.
    Elements and Raws are both made by the same people. Blazy Susan is a naturally dyed pink paper made in France I just started using. then there is stuff like this that I just stumbled upon on Google:
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  4. A lavender pipe would be really cool. I've seen people add it to joints, plus lavender terps are super tasty. How one would make a pipe is beyond me, but I would totally do that.
  5. Thanks for the paper brand recs. I'm always looking to add to my collection, hence the desire to make my own. Not as a regular thing, just a novelty done for the hell of it. Making your own for regular use would be nonsensical in a place where regular papers are available.
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  6. Paid 7$ for 1000 raw papers, 500 tips, a roller, and tray. Rolled up 41 joints in two hours.
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  7. Do u have a link that's a good ass deal
  8. Damn. That's a good fucking deal. I have a Raw adjustable and a Juicy roller for different sized joints and I love both for when I don't feel like rolling by hand or stuffing a cone. Just my Juicy roller cost $7, though, so daaaaamn, son.
  9. Do
    Do you have any links to specific directions? Josh Kesselman from Raw made it sound in his videos like the paper making process for rolling papers was different than the craft paper recipes I can find online. Thanks for the reply.
  10. We used the Lye method. Links, idk. I was in college/chem201, no web back then!
  11. Lye?! Holy shit! Only chemists or madmen eh?
    For making homemade Rolling papers, nothing is better than outermost onion peels. Take the flaky dry outermost onion skin (upto, but not including the meat of the onion) and cut into a paper shape. Rub a THIN layer of honey across the face down side meeting the edge when rolling. Kinda tricky to apply gumming while rolling, but a dab of honey in a dixi up and some dexterity will get it done. Smokes clean, tastes and smells like notmal papers. If it blackens and sizzles, you used too much honey.
  12. It is not very healthy to be smoking honey (unless on a ham). That shit will fuck up your lungs.

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  13. wont the sugars in honey caramelize? i dont think i would want to be smoking that.
  14. Sorry none of the homemade rolling papers sound as safe and convent as a pack of Zig Zag papers
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  15. Lavender is amazing herb if you are looking for smoking alternative. It helps with depression, dementia and other conditions. This helps with anxiety, dementia and other illnesses. There are several lavender blends available online that are budget-friendly.
  16. :rolleyes:

    So are you going to come back and edit your post with a spam link or is a buddy going to do it?
  17. ive used scritta paper with cool-aids and or coffee. I wouldnt think its too safe but yolo bi*ches lmao jk but seriously probably isnt safe

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