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Homemade question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hroth, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. So I decided that I want to make a homemade glass water pipe cause I can and I have stuff to do it with.

    I have an Acrylic water pipe, and have basically lost my taste for it. Sooo, I wanna make a glass bowl for my new glass pipe (dont want to invest in a bowl since it may not fit the pipe I buy once I get into my house). To do this I have a glass eyedropper that is basically a one hitter, is this safe to smoke out of (no clue what glass type it is)?

    Second to make the 2 in. bowl reach the water I have some medical tubing like the stuff they use for oxygen and anesthesia, but again, Im not sure if this is safe as well. I know that tubing can be vinyl tipped, but I'm not sure what its made out of.

    If all else fails I can stick the tubing in my sherlock and then the water so it has time to cool before it hits the tubing, but that defeats the whole water pipe feel. Any help?
  2. A glass eye dropper won't hold up long. You could put a socket on the end of the eye dropper. Or just use the sherlock. And i dont think vinyl is very safe.

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