Homemade pvc bong

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  1. Made this today after wandering around home depot for maybe an hour to find the correct size parts. only cost me around $30 and was hella fun to make my own one of a kind piece.

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  2. why didn you just buy a bubbler for $40?

  3. cause i wanted to build my own. have you never had that urge?

  4. not out of pvc.........................
  5. I had those urges when I was underage and broke...Haha, but still, I just ended up getting a bong. ..Good job I suppose.
  6. waste of money, too big, and is PVC........:confused:
  7. ehh i hate to say you paid to much but you paid to much i seriously hope you arent going to smoke out of the copper 90
  8. Seriously, if you haven't used that thing - don't. NEVER smoke out of a plastic rig like that. EVER!
  9. Nah man, he loves the dangerous fumes. Gets your ripped
  10. looks like cancer
  11. Man, im sorry to say it, but you should probably scrap that..
    Pvc is PLASTIC...
    Smoking from plastic is bad.
    Should've just spend $30 on a piece..
    Glass is always > plastic when it comes to smoking, even if its shitty china glass.
  12. And this is why stoners have horrible rep.
  13. Nah, stoner's know better, this kid is just dumb.
  14. Waste of 30. But what ever makes you happy.
  15. I don't understand why you guys are being dicks about it.
    This guy just wants to get high, and he felt like building something himself.
    Its not like hes going to hit this shit once and die, don't pretend like him smoking this even effects you.

    Yes its probably not healthy, but whatever, you don't have to bash him, im sure the thing rips pretty nicely.
  16. Honestly, PVC is more dangerous than a normal plastic, I figured that was pretty common knowledge. If you're too young to go to your LHS and buy something, you're probably too young to responsibly use any drug.
  17. Technically, couldn't he end up with chemical burns to his lungs from 1 hit? It looks like he is using some kind of copper for the bowl.

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