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Homemade pollen press!!!!

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by NortherToker, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. Made this from what I believe to be some kind of plumbing part I had lying around the house. Some minor work later and it works better than I expected, works the same as the sharpstone using a screw mechinism to compress the keif. This one is actually a little simpler, and has less parts. Plus with the steel construction and hex edges you can use a wrench and really apply some serious pressure! I applied so much that I didn't have to wait at all much less 24 hours, so compact its actually hard to cut. Wish I had a scale to weigh it but theres ALOT of thc in the little pellet produced.

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  2. Sorry about the quality of the pics, my camera's macro mode sux :(
  3. Haha, sick. I bet you would get retarded if you smoked that little pellet to your face.
  4. No doubt, I figure I could take it all in one good rip, should pretty well destroy me lol :bongin:
  5. Yo, I'm getting a massive batch of pollen in from morroco man, it's the shit!
    totally gets you wasted, I'm slinging it for €10 a gramme. haha. :)

    But nice press man +rep!
  6. Very nice man. I love this kinda homemade stuff. lets see some pics of the pressed product.
  7. The last picture has the little pellet that was made from the press.

    OP: Nice press man, it looks very simple and effective. :hello:
  8. oh thought it was just another piece cuz it's all shiny, even nicer than i thought if thats the product!!!!
  9. Yup thats the lil product lol, I'll have to remember to get a video up of it in action once I collect more keif.
  10. That is sick!

    Could you disassemble it and take the pieces to Home Depot so the rest of us can make one of these?

    I am seriously impressed!

    Id give ya rep but it wouldn't matter
  11. Agreed, we need a how-to on this great tool. :hello:
  12. Yeah I was wanting to do that, I'll try and match the pecies up on Saturday, and do a step by step. I might have some of the same peices around in brass that wouldn't look as nice but work for instructional purposes. I'll update when I have what I need :)
  13. Right on. I actually bought a hash press from this site like 4 years ago and I still use it.

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