Homemade pipe (first stages)

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  1. Hey guys, this is my first time posting in the toking tools thread and i just wanted to know your guys thoughts on this pipe i just made. Before hating on it please keep in mind this is my FIRST homemade pipe i have made, i still need to work on some things (sanding it into a more "pipe like" shape and treating the wood in the bowl so it wont burn) i havent had a chance to hit it yet because im fresh out of weed :( but tomorrow i will try to finish it, post some more pics, and let you guys know how it smokes. If you want me to post a tutorial i would be more than willing to (this is REALLY easy to make and its alot of fun!) anyways let me know what you think, thanks.:wave:
    ps. If you havent noticed there are some flaws the biggest one is i placed the carb to low, i think it will still work but i wont know till tomorrow

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  2. That is a small looking bowl and seems like a one hitter, so it seems a carb is pointless? In my one hitter, I just have the bowl and mouthpiece.

    But it looks pretty good for a first time effort :)

  3. Hey! Thanks for the imput! and yea, i agree the bowl is pretty small reason being, the wood itself is only about a inch think and i only drill bits that have the points on the end so i couldnt make it to deep. When i really think about it i think your right the carb wasnt really nessacary, but that was the only way i could make the "mouth hole?" connect to the bowl itself as my bits wernt long enough. Again thanks for the imput, i would +rep but i dont have enough rep myself for it to really do anything. :rolleyes:

  4. What you could do is make a new bowl and somehow fit it into the carb, and use your bowl as a carb, if you can get what i'm saying?

    haha, rep means nothing to me mate, it's just a little green bar :)
  5. hahah good idea, but i think im just gonna trash that one and make another pipe cause' i have about 40 of those pieces layin around. I think im just gonna whitle the bowl, it will take some time but should be worth it. Thanks!
  6. Put that block of wood on the laithe and carve it into a sick spoon. :smoke:
  7. Hey guys heres a quick update, i ditched that one because of the messed up carb and made this one. Its a little smaller and dosent have a carb (wizzle fan) this is just another rough cut im going to sand it down and possibly try to make the bowl itself more prominent (sounds stupid i know what i mean is make it look more like a pipe) any other suggestions? thanks for everything!

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  8. wow i just realized those pics are shitty my bad. Im on a laptop.

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