Homemade Pill Bottle Bong/ Percolator/ Ice chamber

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    Well heres a quick process with pictures On how to make a Pill bottle bong. Its very easy and involves no Tape, No Glue, Just watermelon bubblegum.

    Follow what Im saying while reffering to pictures.

    So you get your Pill bottles from Walgreens, They have special caps so you can use the cap either way. (Refer to Picture #1) Its hard to see in the picture but there are threads on top.

    Now, you can see that 'Another' pill bottle can be screwed ontop, (Refer to Picture #2 and #3)

    Now, Take a cap, and find a drill with a bit, or a pen, to stab about 6 or 7 holes into a cap (make sure to get a few caps, it may take a few tries). Then round out the hole with something, like push the tip of a pencil through until you can barely poke a bendy straw through the hole you made..These holes need to be air tight, so dont make them too large. (Refer to Picture #4 and #5) Then put some ingenious slits at the bottom of the straws tips.

    Now take a Bulletin Pin and stick a bunch of tiny holes in the bottom of the pill bottle thats going over the Percolator. Then make a pretty decent sized hole in the middle. (Refer to Picture #6) You can make these holes any way you want, larger, smaller, its all up to you, the one I pictured is an old "model" sort of.

    Now screw the bottle you just put holes in over you percolator Cap. (Refer to Picture #7)

    Now for the bottom piece. You want to make or find something to use as a downstem...I used a Chillum tube that has tiny holes at the mouthpiece. Make your hole in the side of the bottle 3/4 of the way up, and angle it down. Then use gum to wrap around it to seal it. I used Watermelon Bubblicious. Then cut another hole as your shotgun.
    (Refer to Pictures #8 and *9)

    Picture #10 = Somewhat finished product

    If you want an ice catcher, Cut some holes in the top of yet another Bottle or one big hole (which is how mine is now, not the little holes pictured)..(Refer to Picture #11)

    Picture #12 and Picture #13 are how the bottle just sort of "pops" on the end of the other one. Idk how it seals so perfectly, but it does...and holds Ice very well I might add:)

    Some pictures are repeated on the next page.

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  2. This is the end result and have fun smoking out of it. Of all the pieces I own I think this one deserves to be used at least once a week. I am considering making some sort of bong that comes with a bunch of different attachents like a little bong making kit.

    Would be cool:smoke::smoke:

    Ill get some milkshot right now!!

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  3. i like them but i dont mess around and make them no more. but keep it up you shold make a thread of all your homemade shit.
  4. Heres those milkshots and such..


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  5. Haha, thats pretty sweet dude. Ingenious method. The most I've ever done is making a bong out of a gatorade bottle, a pen tube and a ratchet. Worked ok, but plastic and metal do not exactly make the best smoking implements :eek:
  6. this is sick dude, but do you just put a hole in the ice chamber and then inhale just straight through that? and is there water anywhere in the bong? like in the percolater bottle sectionor in the bottom?

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