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  1. If uve made a Bong out of a 2 liter of coke or a bowl out of an apple, or any other homemade smoking accessory show us a pic!:::bongin:
  2. Meh it's not the best but it actually held together and diffused way better than i thought it would. I'm kinda struggling to put the slide in cause i was already baked :smoke:
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyYxlGC0wzk]YouTube - Homemade 4 arm perc- Snaps[/ame]
  3. Really good for smoking the dust... But also a nifty little one hitter

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  4. Sketchy. Looks like a nice little nose burner
  5. ohman i got baked last night and made one too 1 sec its sooo ghetto but soooooooooo good lol


    its uh not usually sideways lol but its got like a 2 liter bottle for a chamber and a gatorade bottle where the stems at. the rip on it is about the equivelent of inhaling a grenade. lol
  6. My homemade bong. Named Samuel L. Jackson :cool:

    And my steamroller. Its just a hollowed out mag lite. I call it the High Beam :cool:

    Both rip insanely well haha.

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