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  1. Any of you guys have homemade pieces? Post some pics and be ready, cause I'll definitely ask you about it. Mine is a hollow expo marker with a little carb hole in the front and a #4 socket in the the top. I use the socket as a bowl for most things I make like gravity bongs and water bottle bubblers.


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  2. I'd rather buy a 12$ glass bowl then get cancer
  3. cancer from what? The flame never reaches the plastic, and the bowl is so small that you would have burned off all your herb before the bowl heated up enough to melt the plastic.
  4. Either way glass just taste/feels much better
  5. I'm on with mating a bho extraction wand out of stainless steel got this far[​IMG] trying to make something like this[​IMG]
    But I'm struggling on finding something to use as a valve to inject the butane ,
    Any ideas would greatly be received
  6. You don't understand how I toke.......
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    I also have a glass voss bottle bong but it's not quite where I would like it to be yet ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1452458693.980994.jpg
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    I made my first DIY piece last night.

    On the left is what I intended it to look like, on the right is the finished product. I got the angle of the bowl piece wrong and used rubber bands to add pressure to fix the angle. My girlfriend says it looks like bondage.

  9. [​IMG]

    BAWLS bottle bong. Used parts of a vape tank to make the bowl, and am airsoft barrel as the downstem. It has a glass bowl and it rips!

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