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  1. Heey does anyone spend time making there own pieces and if yes then what do you make it out of? I have a real bong i just like to get creative sometimes let me know ?!
  2. Hell yes! I'm a stony mcguiver! I use my homemade vaporizer daily,made it out of a soldering iron and a Mason jar. I've made countless bongs, made a pipe 6 years ago out of a jenga block that I still have, apple pipes, a Starburst pipe with a glass bowl I keep in my fridge, all kinds of things.

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  3. What are your favourite homemade bong made of
  4. My favorite would have to be the 5 jar bong. Glued 5Mason jars to a big round piece of thick acryllic, filled them with water,punched holes in the tops of the lids, had thick hoses going from one to the other, 2 hoses per jar, with a glass stem in the first one for a bowl. It looked crazy as Hell but it worked like a champ. My girl is bugging me about smoking so I'll take some pics of the vapo

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  5. I made a sweet bong out of pvc pipe its pretty dope

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