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Homemade Pieces

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sir Stoner, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Whats your guys favorite homemade pipe,bong or smoking device( post pics), ill post pics of mine too
  2. No pics, but back in high school we had this amazing gravity bong made from a 5 gallon tub that we would use in the industrial-sized dishwashing sinks at Papa John's.

    And then, of course, we would make and eat all sorts of fucked up types of pizza. Oh the good old days of working in the food industry.
  3. I used to make a waterfall gravity bong and rip it in the shower so my parents couldn't smell it.

    EDIT: actually I still do that, I just don't use a gravity bong as often
  4. This is pne my glass HMDs with a HMD ash catcher and my glass ashcatcher

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  5. Havnt made it yet, but i just purchased the pieces i need to make a Jack Daniels bong! So excited for it
  6. [quote name='"GabbaGabbaHey"']This is pne my glass HMDs with a HMD ash catcher and my glass ashcatcher[/quote]

    Is that a voss glass water bottle? And plus thats a beautiful setup, very nice
  7. I made a sick homemade bong, havent taped everything togather yet though. I used a pill bottle for a pre cooler / ash catcher, then a vitamin water bottle with a water booble (a carbon filter ) stuck in the neck of the bottle, and the part that sticks out of the neck of the bottle I made into a diffused perc. Then another diffused perc made from a vitamin water bottle and shaving cream cap. When hit the smoke will go through water> water> carbon filter > water > water > lungs. :D
  8. Favorite homemade bong? Glass on glass gravity bong made from two liquor bottles :)

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  9. pretty impressive
  10. Yes it is a glass bottle, and thanks bro!
  11. Thank you kind sir
  12. [​IMG]

    found the bowl/stem at a local shop for $5, just had to poke a carb hole in the back. i need to find the triple ball pom bottle to try it with. waiting til i get a diamond drill bit before i get a downstem and other accessories

  13. what did you use to drill into glass? diamond drill bit? if so what size
  14. I love making apple bowls when I don't have a piece. If you don't have a screen, just use a penny to scoop out the top where the stem is and make a bowl.
  15. Yes and idk what size! Not the right size though, i got it a little too big but it still works.

  16. I like your Adventure Time shirt bro
  17. Are diamond drill bits expensive? Cause i need one
  18. The size i got was like 27 , but i five finger discounted it. And the size you probably want is 20
  19. I make my own bongs that i drill
  20. Cool , ive made a few too.

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