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Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by SeanDiesel, May 28, 2009.

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    I plan on making a piece for a buddy of mine who recently lost his to the bacon troops.
    I'm using a small listerine glass travel bottle and some rubber line.
    anyone got any ideas on what to use for the rest? this is my first time with glass homemade and i want to try to get it right.

    going to post pics later
  2. ive never seen a glass listerine bottle. post some pics so we all can get some ideas
  3. Here's the bottle, i decided against the tubing since it was cracked.
  4. thats way too small for a bong.... use a snapply bottle or beer bottle
  5. this is going to be a bubbler or something tiny. but i like your ideas too, thanks bro!
  6. lol if its making a bong.... thats my speacialty haha
  7. Got any other ideas?
  8. do you have a dremel tool? or a fast spinning motor with a bit?
  9. uhm i got a craftsman drill, and i think my moms boyfriend has a dremel i can "use".

  10. oh damn that opens a world of possibilities
  11. ok well get a ball shaped diamon tipped glass cutting bit and put it on the dremel tool and cut a small hole in the glass and then your on you own from there :p
  12. thanks haha, i appreciate the feedback

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