Homemade Piece Ideas?

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by green eggs, May 13, 2010.

  1. Hey I need ideas on what to use as a homemade piece something i can smoke bowls out of to use with a water bottle or something.

    I've used metal pens before I get pretty desperate sometimes lol.

    Any ideas?

  2. you could buy like a legit downstem + bowl for like 30$ and then don't worry about having smoking metals and stuff.

    i know its not homemade, but its a solution

    a homemade one would be door stopper.
  3. Yeah well when I get money I'll defiantly buy something I'm getting a job pretty soon.
    For now I'm broke and can't buy anything just have a gram left lol. I'll just go look through my house now.

  4. do you know what i meant by door stopper? if not ic ould take apic
  5. Lol I didn't even see that part of your post and no idea what you mean.
    Yeah a picture would be sick thanks man.
  6. trombone mouthpiece, pen tube w/ socket, airsoft gun barrel and socket, spring door stopper, theres tons of them... its fun when the creativity kicks in
  7. Shit dude. You have access to some wood, a saw, and a drill? When I was younger I used to make wooden pieces on the machines at school. They work great too, just don't torch it and the wood doesn't burn.
  8. the door stopper and you need a screen too

  9. /\

    thats exactly what i meant

    i googled door stopper but couldnt get anything lol

    for a screen you can use a small rock or the mesh under your sink
  10. Yeah defiantly not something I can make tonight but should try sometime my mom is crazy about weed so she always finds my pipes and shits so im sure me making a wooden pipe at home while she's here wouldn't be good lol. And yeah i'm 18 but live with my mom.

    The homemade door stopper is actually a great idea thanks for that suggestion :D
  11. Never in a million years would I have thought about that door stop idea. There's always the old stand-by. Potato or an apple. Pretty easy to dispose of the evidence.
  12. apple? safe and easy and u can throw it out.
  13. my only concern is the metal a door stopper is made out of safe?
  14. Eh, just grab a can. Its only one time, right?

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