Homemade perptetual grow box

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  1. Ive been putting this box 2 gether for the last few days its 6 ft tall 3 ft wide and 2 ft long tha top half (2.5ft) is for vegging planning on 2 125w cfls and im not sure for tha flowering chamber if ima go 250 or 400.? But my main concern is air flow im thinking push tha air up thru a filter that would sit up top but really have nooo idea so please help.! Any advice or ideas greatly appreciated

    Not letting me post pics right now will asap tho.

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  2. Box looks nice and sturdy, grats!

    Where are you going to run your electrical? You should put two passive holes in each chamber, and at least one, probably 2 holes in each with fans. Check out those 120mm "computer" case fans.
  3. Thnx bro, at tha top theres a small hole but im thinkin about cutting a 4in hole to run ducting thru cuz I really need to make this smell proof
  4. Sick building skills....my neck hurts, but it looks good
  5. The build looks great, did you paint the inside before laying down the mylar?. Also, what materials did you use for the frame and panels?

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