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Homemade paraphinillia

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by johnnyboyf, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, what like the healthiest homemade thing to smoke from?
  2. apple carrot
    even a potatoe
    just use a knife and a pen
  3. APPLE CARROT???? they make those?? i love apples... but hate raw carrots so im torn lol jk i always used a can when i had no glass peices (or anything really lol)
  4. probably a lightbulb vape if and only if you do it right

    you have to get all the white stuff out of the inside, there's a few threads about it, look it up.
  5. just smoke out of a pop can.
  6. i would not smoke out of a pop can or soda can whatever you call it, don't use aluminum, i go organic when i went down for thanksgiving break i used an apple all 4 days i was there..then i would just eat around the holes...
  7. id say apple is good. really does make a perfect piece because if u rip out the stem on top, the little indentation makes a perfect bowl.
  8. i always liked smoking out of a potatoe
  9. i fucked that shit up so bad
    fuck that shit
    my whole hand was cut
    cuz the lightbulb crushed in between my fist LOLOLOL
  10. Toilet paper tube, cut a little hole in the top and put a piece of tin foil over the hole, make a little dent in it and poke a few holes with a safety pin. The you cover one end with your palm and the other end over your mouth to light it, like a steamroller. It's just a little bit of tin foil temporarily until you get a glass piece! If you're paranoid about it make a carrot pipe, or use something else for the bowl. The bowl, I've always found, is the hardest part to come up with.
  11. how the fuck can u smoke out of a carrot..? it possible...they are so thin..hmmmm...i wanna know
  12. yeah just use the fat end. he aint talkin bout no baby carrots. i like carrots more than apples but prefer my glass.
  13. Do not use a pop can, it is by far the most unhealthy, aluminum foil is also very bad but not as bad as a pop can, becuase on the inside of a pop can they coat it with some type of checmical to stop the pop from breaking down the can and when it gets heated up it bubbles and smokes, and the outside of the can has ink and varnish. that is also very bad.

    If you got nothing to smoke out of, roll a joint, or use an apple, just take a pen and hollow it out and use it to push into the apple so u can make holes and sutch, theres manny vids on youtube how to do it. try and get a steel screen for it aswel, if u can then just make a small hole so u dont get ashes in ur mouth, (fkin gross when that happens)

  14. you can even buy a super cheap metal one hitter from local head shops round here for like three bucks i bought one and screwed the bowl off and can basically be put into anything from homemade lungs to the top of apples or screw it into the patato or carrot its great i use a pebble for a screen instead of alminum foil also find an old socket set and use the small socket prefect bowls used my dads tools when we lost power for a week it was great..

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