Homemade One Hitter Dugouts

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    I make these one hitter dugouts and I'm having a hard time selling them because ebay removes my listings even though its just a wood box, they say it promotes drug use. lol. 

    Anyways I have them listed on etsy and its hard to get views there so If anyones interested in them or want one just send me a message I can create a custom paypal invoice or you can check them out on etsy and buy one there its similar to ebay. I also do custom work and will try to fit a product to your needs. They are only $15 and like $1.60 for shipping. I have 6 available right now, 2 with the leaf.[​IMG]

    ebay link before it gets removed, etsy never removes my stuff
  2. Pretty sure you can't talk about sales here. Sick dugouts. But heads.up lol

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  3. Those are pretty legit! If I owned a chillum (don't know why I don't) I'd definitely buy one.

    But my man ^^^summed it up, can't sell shit on here.

  4. how much would it cost for you to ship to the UK?

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