homemade nutes for flowering?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by GreenSkyz, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. Does anyone know of any bites that can be made from household items I can use for flowering? I am strapped for cash n need some alternative methods. Thankz
  2. burn some clean wood no stains or paint for....potash..
  3. becareful its raises ph
  4. Kool thanx.... How would I go about that with outdoor? I got some in no pots just in ground.
  5. would be great the soil in the ground buffers the ph problem even more...and im sure you'r water is high ph too if u got at least 10 bucks too spair go buy some sulfur powder or go to an auto store buy some sulfuric acid...(car battery).they sell then in little kits..what u do is go buy 1gallon distilld water pour 2 cups out of the gallon then take the battery acid and pour 1 cup into the gallon shake it up and now u got 1 gallon of ph down...u would use it to lower the ph of you'r water..dont buy a car battery just the battery acid..
  6. Sounds good....... Any other suggests....as I am really strapped for cash ha..... Tryna find something around the house.
  7. I got two 8 1/2 ft orange kush n one is starting starting to yellow. I need some thing to boost it back into shape.. concerned about overall yield...
  8. try some epsom salt dollar store
  9. How far into flowering is it? Post some pics if you can. Yellowing is normal in flowering but you don't want to lose to much to fast or to soon and if that happens you want to give them a little bit of nitrogen. If you cant find anything with nitrogen in it or afford to buy any then pee in a bottle and dilute it with water and water your plant with it. Urine contains organic nitrogen but also contains salt that has passed through your system so you want to dilute it.
  10. backstrap molasses! seriously 1 tbls per gallon. hit up the organics part of the forum. im reading a mix of vermicompost and comfrey spread out over the base of the plant about 1" high does wonders. thatll cost you 10 bucks tops? plus comfrey grows wild :D

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