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    Hello I want to make a homemade small not a pipe necklace but I cant find any tutorials. I want to make one like Tommy Chongs. If some one can help me out I will highly appreciate it. 😋
  2. Pipes aren't really all that hard to make as long as you have the proper equipment and tools (drill, drill bits, sandpaper, saw) first off you will need your pipe material, a piece of wood for the piece is what I would use, just be sure it's nice and dense and a non toxic wood, I prefer to use black walnut most of the time. Start off with a blank, pretty much just a block of wood the size you wan't, then drill the bowl and stem to the depth and size you wish to have them( make sure to measure accurately so they line up and I like to use a piece of tape on the bits as a depth stop, then just sand it into shape to how you wan't it using a belt sander or something but you can hand sand them it just takes much longer.
    Hope this helps some, if you can give any more information as to the materials and tools you have I may be able to give slightly better advice, but just have fun with it and practice makes perfect when it comes to making pipes, if you mess one up don't be discouraged I have ruined so many pipes, it really sucks when you are almost done with a really nice one then slip right at the end and destroy something you worked on for an hour or 2.
  3. Thank you for the info could you possible take some pics of where the holes go and connect and how to have it please and thank you.
  4. Yea no problem I will try to take some pictures soon to give you a bit better idea of how to make the pipe, might be a day or two. In the mean time if you wish check out some of the pictures of some of the pipes I have uploaded on these threads, I know they aren't exactly what you are looking for but a pipe is a pipe in its basic construction and it may just help you visualize what and how you plan on taking on your pipe. Probably the hardest thing to get right when making a pipe is drilling the stem perfectly straight and at the proper level to connect to the bottom of the bowl, having a drill press really helps but it can be done with a handdrill, it will just take a very steady hand and something to hold the piece in while drilling like a bench vice.
  6. those are really nice pipes you are skilled.
  7. I'll be making my first pipe this week. I will post pics and see if they are any good
  8. Glad to hear it, I hope it turns out how you want it, I will still try to post a few pictures to help you out I just havent gotten around to doing it while making pipes yet lol.

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