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  1. Since im not really experienced with any sort of pipes and how they work but i've heard that many hardware pieces can work as a pipe I just want someone elses maybe more professional opinion on this, will this piece work as a pipe for weed? 1459951960455-1807420295.jpg 14599518896681305108889.jpg 14599520191841813419715.jpg
  2. You'd waste a lot of weed as the bowl is pretty big but yes it would work.
  3. Oh, why would the weed get wasted? And would it get less wasted if I mixed it with tobacco?
  4. Just go to the store and buy papers or a 10$ glass pipe..............

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  5. I have papers but Im not that good at rolling and just think a pipe would be way easier, the only places I know have pipes only has tobacco pipes and those are a bit more costy.
  6. Because you would have to use a lot at one time for it unless you bought a mesh filter

  7. Um all pipes are "tobacco" pipes......
    Order a cheap bowl online...Don't resort to smoking out of some ghetto rigged shit..this is cannabis not crack.

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  8. Well, wood pipes then...
  9. What is a mesh filter? Suppose I will have to buy a wooden pipe.. Hmm
  10. Wood is better than metal.
    But honestly just get a glass pipe.

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  11. Okay, but what is your opinion on wooden pipes because I think my grandpa might have one.
  12. Not the best for cannabis.
    Get a glass pipe.
    Wood will work but will slowly burn since cannabis burns way slower than tobacco and will make your flowers taste like shit.

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  13. Okay, thanks then!
  14. Supplies needed to make something like this They work great as bubblers just make sure it bubblers and it's air tight before u pack it and add a "choke" this should take no more then 5-10 minutes to make use tin foil as a screen in the sick make the tin foil dense and poke a hole threw it with a screw driver in the force it in there socket size is how big u want your bowl how fast u can vaporize the weed etc.... Goodluck mate

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