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    Before you (re)educate me on how bad smoking from homemades is. let me give you some info/counterarguments on my new homemade:

    -Im using a socket-wrench bit as a bowl.
    -I sterilized everything with 93%ISO alcohol, then used filtered water to get the ISO off.
    -I own 3 bongs, a spoon, and a bubbler. i smoke out of those, but i also like to make my own. im really artsy.
    -This bong/hookah is gonna be much cheaper than others.
    -I like making my own stuff, and this will allow 2-3 people to toke simultaneously.

    with that said, here is my specs for Hookah/bongzilla.:

    -Mountain dew bottle
    -empty bic pen shell nas downstem
    -Socket wrench bit as bowl
    -tubes from a friend's sleep-apnea(sp?) machine(that he was gonna throw out)
    -Hot gliue

    I plan on making it like a normal bong, just with the bowl on top. then tobes come off, above the waterline, where everyone inhales. i will post pics as soon as its done.

    EDIT:Alright, here is a pic:


    also, the carb is right above my finger.
  2. Very creative! I enjoy creating my own toking tools as well! :D
    However, since it's for 3 people, i would suggest a larger bowl for it. ;)
  3. im happy to be getting good feedbakc already ^^

    and i was thinking about the larger bowl.... well, maybe i could hook it up to my lightbulb vape through a bendy straw or a bent pen shell.

    nevermind. but a larger bowl would work better.
  4. You should at least buy a cheap glass bowl to use. We always use one of bongs bowls when we make home made.

    Sick idea though man.
  5. haha the thing looks like a robot with 3 arms but yeh get a glass bowl.
  6. ill make sure to pick up a glass bowl as soon as i have the cash.thanks dudes.

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