homemade magic flight launch tube and launch box prototype

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  1. To start off I dont really use homemade smoking devices very much anymore but one night after using my friends mflb through my tubes and his I was inspired to vape! The next day I did some research and found the purple days pandora kit and decided thats what I want. Untill I get it, I wanted to make a magic flight launch tube, then use what i learned to make a launch box.

    The launch Tube is extremely simple, its a food grade stainless screen formed as a bowl, and stretched across 2 copper plated steel rods. When current is applied it heats the screen and works as a conduction-style vaporizer. in the launch tubes case the vapor is contained within a finely crafted glass cylinder with endcaps, and a d battery supplies the power. they have perfectly calibrated the screen to be close to the proper temp, the amount of airflow also controls the temp. (correct me on this if its wrong i havnt really been working on this for a couple weeks and have never seen one in person)

    In my model the screen is contained inside a shot glass, and I used the screen from a permanent coffee filter so i havent yet found the proper amount of current to get it just right. I plan on making a circut to regulate power, but for now i am using a 12v battery charger on the lowest setting, and i have a momentary switch wired to close the circut when i press it. to vape you simply put a fairly small pinch of some finly ground material in the screen, put the shot glass on it and pre-heat it with a couple clicks of the switch then periodicly press it. its not my finest work but my soldering tools have been at my friends house. I want to get to making the regulator circut this week.

    The first pic shows the whole assembly. The second shows the 2 conductors with the screen between them, the switch, the outlet tube (in the front the little hole on the wood), the inlet tube the tube (going above the bowl). the third shows the first mflb prototype.

    In pic two note how the air comes in above the bowl and gets sucked down over the material then into the outlet and down the whip. And again this is not to my normal standards of smoke or craftsmanship it is just a couple prototypes I threw together. Prease comment and help me improve the concept and expand on it. Ill try to get a vid up tonight...

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  2. heres a video, it doesnt show it well because of the light, and with this setup being that you control the heat with the clicks and inhale speed your hit varies greatly depending on how in tune with it you are, but the regulator will solve all that...
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-_7ZTHt7Zc"]YouTube - vape[/ame]
  3. Clap Clap Bravo!:hello:

    its one thing to make a homemade bong..its something else to make a vaporizer(thats not a lightbulb vape).
  4. Wow sir,

    that is some impressive craftsmenship, much better than the homemade lightbulb-crackhead vapes! aha jk but seriously that is an awesome little mflb prototype.
  5. That looks pretty sweet. Nice work! :hello:
  6. i have a 18.8 gong male fitting with a hole on the tip that i can hook the whip into and hit it through my tubes but since its not convection its hard to get a crazy rip like the ssv. i want to enclose the screen so that the air has to travel through the material not arond it, that should improve it. The problem with the mflb is that they attach the screen to the rods with a laser welding process, i cant get the screens to fuse to the rods very well. If anyone has any ideas that would be great!
  7. Damn man getting your mad scientist on! Thats pretty bad ass man. You gotta keep that thing forever lol. Pass that down to your grand kids. :D

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