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Homemade lightbulb vaporizer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HighProphet, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Is a homemade lightbulb vaporizer good for vaporizing marijuana? I made a simple one just like in this picture:

    Havent tried, because I dont have any weed now. Im getting some weed soon.
  2. yeah it works... just make sure you use one thats completely clear. (not that white bullshit) Otherwise you'll fuck your lungs up somethin crazy

    Edit: and you need 2 straws... 1 is the carb hole
  3. Two? The instructions I read said only one:

    Its in Finnish, but I think you can see the pictures
  4. Mine works alright, but it takes alot longer to smoke. If you want to conserve alot then go for it, otherwise I'd just use something else.
  5. Well, how long does it take for the weed to start vaporizing?

  6. Idk I would put the lightbulb over a candle, after maybe 10 or 20 seconds it will start filling up so each hit could take like a minute.

    Just kinda guessing on numbers lol
  7. Its okay. I usually dont need to hurry.

    So, is vaporizing more effective way to get high than smoking or is it actually less effective?

  8. Well if you have the patience you can get just as high with less bud
  9. looks to me like its better for smokin crack.
  10. lol please be careful. My friend the other day had an old glass coke bottle and was trying to burn a hole in into the side to make a bong. Basically the glass popped out ad 2 big pieces of glass sliced his arm open. So be careful when putting a flame to any glass, especially something as thing as a lightbulb
  11. I find that if you use a waterbottle top or a 2 liter bottle top, you can screw it right onto the lightbulb's end threads and just tape around it for an airtight seal. But use a drill to drill the right sized hole for whatever you're using to suck the smoke out of. Also use a dremil to drill a tiny carb next to the hole on the waterbottle cap.


    Just explained the entire picture without looking at it, I feel shitty now.
  12. no no, that is good. u dont need 2 straws.

    u need 2 HOLES, 1 for the straw and 1 above it on the cap for a shotgun/carb whatever u wanna call it, and yes MAKE SURE U REMOVE ALL THE WHITE FROM THE INSIDE OF THE BULB U CAN SRSLY FUCK URSELF UP BRO, NO JOKE.
    happy smoking tho :)

  13. Yea thats how people smoke Meth.
  14. So, what is the other hole for? Do you keep your finger on it or what?
  15. #15 PurplePineapple, Sep 18, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 18, 2009
    The most tweak status smoking device.

    Honestly I don't see the point of LB "Vapes".
    1. It's not cool when your friends don't want to smoke with you because you look like a meth head.

    2. It is damn near impossible to accurately control the temperature of an open flame on varying thickness of glass. This normally leads to overcombustion of plant matter. If you are going to burn the weed anyways, might as well be in a bong or pipe.

    3. Heating such thin glass over an open flame is inherently dangerous as glass has a tendency to shatter when it gets too hot. Good luck keeping that open flame low enough.

    4. I don't care how many times you salt and wash it, there are still going to be traces of the powder coat. The area around the socket tend to have small bits of rough glass. Both of these are much greater hazards to your health than the negative effects of cannabis smoke.

    It's good that kids are worried about their health. But a little more common sense would be much more healthy than taking the cheap route. If you are that worried about your health, make edibles or don't smoke until you can afford a proper vaporizer.

    So I commend you guys on trying, but please don't use any smoking device without completely thinking through the exact process of combustion(or lack of), filtration(or lack of), condensation(or lack of), and intake/ ingestion of psychoactive chemicals(and other chemicals). Then take the time to think about all the possible hazards of using said device.

    If you fall into the category of someone who is using a light bulb to smoke because you want to conserve ganja, please make a waterfall or a bucket. Still not healthy or anything, but at least you will get blazed using a lot less weed than most other methods, your friends will want to smoke with you, you might not cut yourself on a plastic bottle, you wont inhale powder coating or microscopic slivers of glass, and you will be able to walk through your house stoned in the middle of the night and not stub your toe because you couldn't see.

    Feel free to disagree, given that factual backup is provided.:D
  16. yeh it works, but i would rather buy a vape and make sure its the right bulb or you will fuck your lungs up
  17. I washed the white powder shit out with salt and then I washed the LB with lots of water. Do you think its safe to use now?

    But what is the other hole in the cap for? Do you keep your finger on it or what?

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