homemade lightbulb vape

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by spededdy, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. do they smell like weed when there burned? hows smell on them?
  2. no smell no taste just strait up THC
  3. well, my lightbulb vape i made tastes just like weed, so good, so i know theres taste, but i cant smell, cold, i need to know if it smells bad
  4. well considering youre using a homemade vape theres gonna be some weed burned but for the most part it will smell like ass sex and flapjacks.
  5. i want to make one but im scared of wasting weed and it not working cause weed costs so damn much down here and im not exactly loaded with cash.
  6. I made one the other day. Except I used a jar. It takes a little while to heat up (like 30-40 seconds) but once you get that done, it will start uh smoking (not smoke but the vapors) and when I hit it the first time it kinda tasted like weed and popcorn.

    I didn't notice a smell. I didn't use a sploof either.
  7. i love it becasue i can taste 100% of the weed, tastes soo good, but im wondering if i need sploof and shit
  8. do you guys smoke the weed after u vape it?
  9. might as well

    or you can make edibles out of it.

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